Buy Cheap Packing Paper To Pack Your Kitchen or Your Whole House

Packing paper
is a supply that is used more by professionals than any other. It is a thick, inkless and durable paper that is very flexible and easy to wrap around belongings.

The concept of using this  moving supply is after wrapping an item it creates a buffer that enables you to put one fragile thing on top of each other in your cartons. It is amazing that you can have a box of china that is wrapped in the same box, because the paper acts like a "pillow" that separates each item from harm.

Video on How to Pack a Kitchen 


The most valuable tool when packing is inkless paper.  Professional rely on it so heavily because it provides the best protection for your valuables and it is the easiest and fastest tool to use. It helps you  save  money and time when unpacking your dishes, as it does not’t require any tape or scissors like bubble does.

  • You can effectively use it to wrap wine glasses, cups, plates, pots and pans and almost any item in the kitchen as it provides the maximum protection.

This wonderful supply provides MORE protection for dishes then bubble rolls do, and it is recyclable and much easier to use. 10 lbs goes a long way when using it only for your kitchen, and 25lbs or more is recommended if you need it for your whole house.

It is much more sanitary then newspaper, because it does not have ink that bleeds, and also provides much better protection as the paper is thicker. 

4 Tips To Protect Your Valuables When Using Inkless Paper

#1. Crumple up paper and place on the bottom of your boxes before placing your fragiles inside. Loosely rolled paper provides a cushion of support and acts as a shock absorber when lined on the bottom of your boxes.

#2. Before sealing and taping your boxes shut, crumple up the paper  to fill in any gaps that exist. Full boxes are much stronger then partially filled ones and will help prevent damages.  (You can use regular newspaper to make the boxes full if everything is already wrapped.) 

#3. Use it to protect all your dishware including; cups, glasses, plates, cups, saucers, pots, pans, platters and small appliances. The support that is formed around your belongings help prevent scratching, and also provides a cushion of support as you pack many plates and cups into the same box.

#4. Tape is not required for most items that are packed.  You can quickly and easily pack a kitchen and protect your valuables just by crumpling up the paper and wrapping it around each one of your valuables.

#5. It can also be used in many other rooms outside of the kitchen to pack delicate items such as picture frames, flower vases, office supplies, sculptures and electronics.

Be sure to use kitchen moving boxes in comination with your paper!

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