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10 Extra Big Moving Boxes (Ideal to pack pillows and linens)

Bundle of 10: 23 x 23 x 16" EXTRA large Moving Boxes

After Instant Rebate Special Price $42.50 Regular Price $50.00

How Many Extra Large Linen Moving Boxes Do You Need?

The big, extra big moving boxes have dimensions of (23 x 23 x 16") with an ECT32 strength, They are best used with huge lightweight items that won't fit in any other size.  

When deciding if extra big boxes will be enough, you can ask the following questions of yourself.


1.  How many pillows do I have? (Each box would fit 5-6 pillows depending on the size) 


2. How many comforters do I need to pack? (Typically depending on the size you will need one extra big box for each comforter.) 


3. How many blankets, sheets, and wraps do I need to pack? (Depending how bulky the blankets are, each super large box can fit 2-4 blankets. A house filled with sheets might be one box)_ 


4. How many towels do I need to pack? (8-10 depending on the size and thickness is a good starting point.)


5. How many lampshades do I need to pack that would fit in this extra big box? 

More Information
UPC 741360976610
Weight 27.7000
Brand uBoxes
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size Extra Large Boxes
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 39.5 x 23 x 7