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50' Foam Sheets

  • Foam Wrap Sheets 50' x 12" 1/16" Thick
  • Set of 50 thick foam perforated sheets that are easy to separate from the roll 
  • Each foam sheet measures 12" x 12" 1/16" for personal or commercial use
  • Foam wrap supplies extra padded protection for dishware, glasses, and other fragile objects
  • 12 x 12" squares of wrap peel off as you need to ensure that your goods aren't damaged 

Foam Sheets

Protect your glasses, dishware, and knick knacks from breakage during your move.  3/32" thick foam protects against vibration and movement during transport.  Each sheet is slit in 12"x12" squares on a roll and may be peeled off when packing each item.

More Information
UPC 741360977365
Weight 0.3300
Brand uBoxes
Highly versatile foam wrap sheets that can be utilized to load several different products in various boxes
Foam sheets suited for wrapping around both small and large goods without the fear of the perforations tearing
The thickness of the foam makes for a great packing solution for breakable goods as it increases the volume of cushioning for the items packed
Foam wrap offers quality protection for the goods while left inside a storage center or being shipped across seas
Establish a sense of trust and peace of mind with knowing that the products mailed out are shipped safely
Color White
Material Foam
Size Small Foam Sheets
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 12 x 8 x 8