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10 - 4.5 Cubic Tall, Large Boxes - (Recommended by Movers)

  • UBMOVE Large Premium Moving Boxes for larger lighter items
  • 18" x 18" x 24" with space to write contents on the box or use room label stickers or tape
  • Bundle of 10 is just the right amount for moving dorm rooms, studios, or combined with other bundles of boxes
  • Great for lampshades, clothes, toys, kitchen items, and oversize items
  • Manufactured for moving at 32 ETC just be sure not to overload for carrying weight
After Instant Rebate Special Price $46.75 Regular Price $55.00

Why Do Professional Movers Recommend the Large 4.5 Cubic Moving Boxes?

Movers use standard sized boxes that have the most flute durability, and because the sizes (1.5 cubic, 3.0 cubic and 4.5 cubic boxes) are designed to effectively stack on top of each other in a dolly, in storage units, and/or in trucks. This means they are faster (which can save you money on local moves when paying by the hour), and they can use smaller storage units because the cubic moving boxes can be more tightly stacked.

These boxes are taller than the other large boxes that we offer, so for bigger items this is a great box all around. 

Note: There actually is a mover's 4.0 cubic too, but MBD finds that most things are better in either the 3.0 or the 4.5 cubic. 

What Are The 4.5 Cubic Moving Boxes Ideal To Pack?

The 4.5 cubic box is 18x18x24  in dimensions and quite useful for many purposes. As a general rule, items that are not heavy but are bulky, big or can't fit in a smaller box are a great fit. This is the largest size of standard box that a mover will use, unless it is a specialty box design for more strength like kitchen, lamp or tv boxes. 

What To Pack in The Tall and Big 4.5 Cubic Moving  Boxes: 

-Lamp shades
- Throw blankets
-Christmas items
-Big plastic toys
-Gerbil cages
-Big buckets

Label Your Big 4.5 Cubic Boxes: 
The 4.5 cubic moving boxes have embedded printing on them where you can label what you have, and/or long distance movers can use their color coding processes. If you were to hire a professional moving company, this is the type and size of box they would use as it fits on their dollies and stacks well with the other sizes. 

Save the 4.5 Cubic Boxes To Store Christmas Supplies: 

Many Christmas supplies are big, bulky yet don't weigh a lot; ideal for large moving boxes. These boxes are sturdy and designed for moving and storage, so you can easily use them to store a variety of christmas ornaments that are wrapped up in packing paper, decorations and your tree stand. This is a great way to get even more value from your purchase. 

More Information
UPC 810106510644
Weight 22.700000
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Size Large Boxes
Material Cardboard
Style Rectangle
Type Moving Box
Features / Extra Information Box bundles shipped flat, Single Wall with 32ECT and 65lbs weight limits, Regular slotted container boxes with creases for quick assembly, Boxes are eco-friendly and made of recyclable material, Great for packing, moving, and storage
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 18.000000
Product Width 18.000000
Product Height 24.000000
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