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4 Kitchen Moving Boxes- Tall and Extra Strong for Appliances, Pots and Pans

  • 4 Kitchen Boxes 18 x 18 x 28 inch
  • Extra-strength kitchen boxes that feature a double wall
  • 27% more space per box BIGGER than the competition!
  • Recommended: Organize your items with our Cardboard Glass and Dish Dividers specially designed to fit these kitchen boxes
  • Protects fine china and glasses from breakage while moving or storing
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Kitchen moving boxes are super strong, double wall boxes 44ECT that are stronger than most boxes. They are designed this way because dishes can quickly get very heavy where typical boxes can break. This is not the case when you buy kitchen boxes that are designed for this use. Regardless of if you are packing plates, cups, appliances or pots and pans, your valuables will be protected in these sturdy kitchen boxes for moving.  


The easiest way to pack is to wrap packing paper around your dishes and nestle them together. The paper provides a cushion and prevents scratching. These kitchen boxes for moving are ideal to pack a variety of kitchen items that are not all the same.

For glass sets that are the same, consider using a glass moving kit instead. All of your glasses go inside of the insert and then they fit into a 18"x18"x18" box. This will free up space in your larger kitchen boxes for dishes that are odd shapes, appliance, and larger items.


  1. Kitchen moving kits are ideal for sets of China- when everything is the same size. This makes it easy to pack and unpack without breakage. 
  2. Strong large kitchen boxes are needed for large items like a crockpot and other appliances. They are also great for serving platters, baking pans and pots and pans. 
  3. Small 1.5 cubic boxes are ideal for packing many cans from your pantry together in a box. Cans can get heavy, so they are ideal in smaller boxes. 
  4. Kitchen packing paper is a fast and easy way to pack dishes, China, silverware, cups, baking ware and other items. It protects dishes and keeps them clean. Bubble cushioning can be used for certain items in the kitchen like wrapping your knives up. 

    TIP: Don't use regular newspaper as it is unsanitary, and the ink can bleed. Also, the paper is lightweight which doesn't provide a cushion. 
  5. Kitchen packing tape is needed to seal boxes. 
  6. Don't forget to label your kitchen moving boxes that they should be placed in the kitchen and what is inside. For example, indicate Mark FRAGILE on any fine China boxes so your movers know not to put these boxes on the bottom of a high stack. 
  7. Use reusable moving blankets to protect large appliances while in the boxes. 
More Information
UPC 810042152786
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Specialty
Type Moving Box
Features / Information Double-wall construction 44ECT, Writable box content area, Carry handles for easy transport, Fragile hand with care and this side up message on the box, inserts and foam dish protection sold separately
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 16.800000
Product Length 18.000000
Product Width 18.000000
Product Height 28.000000
Kitchen moving boxes are ideal for large items in your kitchen like appliances or frying pans.
Kitchen boxes for moving are ideal to pack your Crockpot, Kitchen Aid, Toaster Oven, Waffle Maker and Panni maker.
Some items like China are best packed with the kitchen moving kit, versus the tall boxes.
Be sure to label all kitchen boxes with what is inside-and mark fragile for delicate items.
Kitchen packing supplies are an important aspect in moving and can be purchased with the lowest pricing at MovingBoxDelivery.
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