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Learn How to Properly Pack to Protect Your Valuables

We hope that our packing tips are helpful to you. MBD believes that it is not only important to use high-quality moving supplies but to also pack them properly. If you have top of the line materials but you do not pack them properly, you run the risk of having damages. Unless you are a professional, most people never learn how to pack boxes like a professional. The great news is, we have collected many packing tips that are taken from professional movers on how to pack your moving boxes so your valuables are well protected and the entire process is simple and easy. 1

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3 Most Important Packing Tips

1. Use quality boxes for moving to protect valuables.
-Strong cartons designed for transporting belongings will not crush when multiple boxes are stacked on top of each other in a truck; as long as they are packed properly.

2. Fill your cartons to the top and fill in the gaps with crumpled newspaper
Any box is stronger when it is filled to the top. Make sure they are completely filled and paper fills in the gaps using crumpled newspaper.

3. Put most of your belongings in the medium all-purpose size. Only put light weight items like pillows in extra large moving boxes.
People have a tendency to think bigger is better with everything. This is not true with cartons. The largest box in your moving kit is the pillow moving box. Only pillows and very lightweight items should be placed in this box. Otherwise, the box is too heavy for movers to lift and it is not