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Performance Blankets 45lbs/doz (2 Pack)

Moving Blanket 72" x 80" Professional Quality: Fabric & Quilted Protect your furniture and other items. Polyester/WP non-woven fabric with resilient fiber batting filler. Zig Zag quilted with double stitched binding.*Color may vary contact us for details

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More Information
SKU A0045EP02
UPC 741360977044
Weight 9.4000
Brand uBoxes
Manufacturer recommends to spot clean your moving blankets, do not wash simply shake and air out
Performance moving blankets provide a breathable layer of protection for objects storage
Thick internal padding inhibits scuffing, scratches, and other unwanted damages to your items
The best fit to have your surfaces and furniture be debris and dust-free when in storage
Performance blanket used as floor protection when moving furniture across flooring or during renovations
Color Black
Material Polyester and Mixed Materials
Size 72" x 80"
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 16 x 9 x 12.5