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Performance Blankets 45lbs/doz (4 Pack)

Moving Blanket 72" x 80" Professional Quality: Fabric & Quilted Protect your furniture and other items. Polyester/WP non-woven fabric with resilient fiber batting filler. Zig Zag quilted with double stitched binding. *Color may vary contact us for details



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SKU A0045EP04
UPC 741360977051
Weight 19.0000
Brand uBoxes
A soft cushion that stops damage from the collision of objects while transported in a truck
Performance blankets are durable enough to get the job of moving furniture and large items done
Quilted and thicker blankets that may be used to wrap large appliances or as padding for sleeping bags
Moving blankets that are bound at the edges to keep them from fraying at the boarders
Thicker quality materials used to make these blankets to reinforce the weight
Color Black
Material Polyester and Mixed Materials
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 18 x 13 x 14.5