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Buy moving boxes that are strong and sturdy at the lowest prices

Why Buy Moving Boxes Of Quality?

Many people think that any cardboard carton is the same as another. As a matter of fact, if you lined up 100 people, 99 would  estimate that a "box is a box." However, for any qualified professional in the industry that tracks damages, they would tell you that this isn't the case.

One of the most common reasons for breakage is over-packing and/or not using the appropriate dimension size for the containers. When people buy moving boxes that are frail, insubstantial or not the right size, the consumer runs a considerable risk for having casualties.

Just like any tool, there are certain types and measurements of cartons that are meant to be used for moving and other ones that are not. This is true in any industry with the tools of the trade.

For example, if you hired a handyman to nail paintings in your wall, you would expect that a hammer and nails would be used.  A hammer is meant to pound nails in the wall just like an electric screwdriver is meant to put in screws. Although it is "possible" to get a nail into the wall by pounding it with a piece of wood you find on the street, it isn't the ultimate solution.

The same assumption is true with the materials used while transporting the goods of your home.  Although it is true that "technically" you could carry your goods in cartons that had been broken down from convenience stores, the downfall of this solution doesn't outweigh the benefits. 

How To Buy Tough Moving Boxes That Ensure Safe Delivery

If you want to buy heavy-duty moving boxes at under market prices, order from Moving Box Delivery. Our smaller cartons have an ECT 35 (200lb) strength that is recommended by industry leaders, and our larger specialty cartons like kitchen boxes, file boxes, and wardrobe boxes have a 40 ECT to support the extra weight.  


Our industrial-strength cardboard boxes stack well and fit together like a perfect fit so you need less space when you are renting a storage unit. This means you need to spend fewer dollars to store your belongings. 

Also when your hired help is loading a truck, you will either need a smaller size vehicle and/or need will need to make fewer trips. The reason for this is your corrugated boxes can be put in a pyramid stacking shape. 

buy moving boxes that don't compress when stacked

Buy cartons that are unused, unsoiled, and mold free. This isn't the case when you pack your clothes in used containers that have been contaminated with all types of things, and/or boxes that you find on the side of the road. Who knows what was once inside of them and the effect that could have on your health.

Why It Is Important To Buy Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies That Are Strong and Sturdy?

It is recommended by industry experts to buy moving boxes that do not compress when they are stacked on top of each other in a moving truck. This helps prevent damages.

Also, it is important to have consistent sizes that are not too large or too small for the ultimate packing scenario to occur. 

We hope that you have a better move after you buy moving boxes from us and use all of all packing tips to make your move a success!  

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