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About Us

Owners of Moving Box Delivery

Moving Box Delivery, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that was created, developed, and launched as a result our experience in owning and running a successful moving company in Southern California for over 20 years.

Throughout the years, we began to notice that there were consistent problems that people faced when moving and storing that could easily be solved.

Moving Box Delivery was created to help solve these commonly faced moving/ packing problems and to help make our customer's moving experience better as a result of using our services.

6 Problems We Wanted To Solve: 

#1. Help SAVE TIME in getting moving boxes and supplies.

Save money and time buying moving boxes

~It is so easy to waste hours and hours of time buying boxes from a store, and/or searching for used boxes at local stores making multiple trips in traffic. There had to be a better way! 

#2. Help SAVE MONEY on moving boxes and packing supplies.

Lowest Prices on Moving Boxes

~Retail stores charge 25-40% more for boxes that are not as high of quality than Moving Box Delivery. Moving Box Delivery is able to pass on the savings to our customer because we specialize ONLY in  moving boxes and supplies, we do a high volume of business, and we don't have the massive overhead that retail stores do. 

#3. Help PROTECT VALUABLES and decrease incidences of moving damages as a result of using strong, high quality boxes.

Protect Valuables while moving

~Most people think that "a box is a box, is a box." This isn't true. It does make a difference what type and size of box you use when you are moving and storing. 

We wanted to help PREVENT moving damages from happening in the first place as a result of the type, size, and quality of moving box that was used.

#4. Help people know how many moving boxes and supplies they needed to pack the size of home that they had so they would be able to BUY  THE RIGHT QUANTITY OF SUPPLIES  the first time around. 

~People often underestimate how many boxes or supplies they need, and as a result, often have to make multiple trips to the stores. Using statistics from our moving company, we created general guidelines to follow with our moving kits to help prevent this problem. 

#5. Most people have NO idea how to pack to protect their valuables like professional movers do. Please visit our Facebook page where we have put together some a collection of excellent how to packing videos.

~We wanted to help teach our customers simple tricks on how to  PACK PROPERLY TO PROTECT BELONGINGS

#6. Help people understand HOW TO RECYCLE MOVING BOXES after they move in their local city.

It was a real eye opener, when the Berzanskis'  discovered that moving boxes that  were left at "curbside" in San Diego  were actually put in the TRASH LANDFILLS versus the recycling bins. What was even more shocking, was if these same people had called for a "Move In, Move out" appointment, their boxes would have been picked up by the city and RECYCLED instead! Who knew! 

From that day on, the Berzanski's have made it their mission to help educate people around the country on the best way to recycle their moving boxes in their local city after they move. Every city is so different in their rules and their approach to box recycling. Learn how to recycle boxes after you move!

Moving Box Deliverys' Committment to You


Moving Box Delivery  is committed to helping our customers save money, save time, protect their valuables and have a less stressful experience while moving and storing as a result of ordering their packing supplies on-line.  

We hope our moving box delivery service make your moving and storing day a better, EASIER experience and we thank you for your business.  


Jerry and Kirstie Berzanski
Co-Founders and Owner
Moving Box Delivery


Moving Box Delivery In The Press: 

Our moving boxes were seen on Entrepreneur.comOur moving boxes were seen in Forbest.comMoving Box Delivery mentioned on ABC news

August 2011- Moving Box Delivery expands warehouses across the U.S. to be able to provide 1-2 day FREE delivery for most of the United States, with expanded product offerings now available.

February 2010- Kathi Burns, the founder of "Add Space To Your Life," is a Board Certified professional organizer (CPO) and image consultant in San Diego, California. Ms. Burns recently recommended Moving Box Delivery's moving boxes and moving supplies sold in moving kits, as one of the top five best ways to save time moving and to be organized.  

November 2009- Moving Box Delivery was happy to donate moving boxes to be used as Turkey gift boxes given to our troops in Camp Pendleton by the first graders.  These adorable first graders of Horizon Prep school in Rancho Santa Fe decorated all of the moving boxes and then filled them with a feast! They were delivered to the campus of Camp Pendelton.  

October, 2009- GMA Mentioned on Air

Moving Box Delivery was Listed on ABC news as being a Green Moving Company.

Sept  2009- The Mom Entrepreneur Examiner Recommended Moving Box Delivery's moving box service to working moms in need of moving boxes

Sept 2009- Thoughtfully Simple Blog-"Not Flowers Again! Try Giving a Practical Moving Gift" Moving Box Delivery's moving boxes and moving supplies were highlighted as being a great practical gift idea for someone who is moving as a result of getting married, having a baby, moving to college, buying a new house or other special occasions.