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Stretch Wrap

  1. 5" x 1000' 80 Gauge
    As low as $16.95

  2. 20" x 1000' 80G
    As low as $24.00

What is Stretch Wrap?

Stretch wrap is a type of film that can be used for many things including moving and storing. The most common applications are to wrap around furniture to protect from getting dirty and/or to wrap around items that have drawers keeping everything together. Professional movers commonly use the stretchy wrap, but often do it yourself movers don't always know about this wonderful moving supply.

How To use Moving Stretch Wrap?

Simply wrap the film tightly around your belongings and it will adhere without tape. It is fast and easy to use and provides superior protection from dust, dirt, denting or scratching of larger items. The small comes with a handle that makes it very easy to work with. The large size you literally will walk around the item you are wrapping as the plastic will adhere to the material.

What is stretch wrap best used for?

The most common uses for a stretch wrap is to protect large pieces of furniture that can't fit in a box or to keep items securely together.


1. Sofa- You could use stretch wrap to keep your pillows together with the sofa

2. Dining hutches- The film holds the drawers shut while in transit (Empty drawers are the best)

3. Dining room table- protect from scratching

4. Bedroom dresser sets-keep drawers as part of the dresser