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Extra Large House Moving Kits

  1. 116 Boxes, 5 Wardrobes $222 in Supplies, & 379.5 cuft space

    A $644 Value Sold Separately!

    16 Medium moving boxes
    35 Medium moving boxes
    40 Large moving boxes
    20 X-Large Moving boxes
    5 Wardrobe Boxes
    440 yards of Clear tape
    3 Heavy Duty Tape Dispensers
    72' of Bubble Roll
    9 lbs of Wrapping paper
    5 Markers
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $471.95 Regular Price $555.24

Order Extra Large Moving Kits for Bigger Homes

If you have a very large home and/or you have a garage filled with storage, consider the extra large house moving kit. Please note you can also buy multiple moving kits to provide you with enough supplies to pack your home if the large moving kit isn't big enough.

These very large moving kits provide you with everything you need to make your packing day a success. All the supplies and boxes and sent directly to your home so you don't have to carry these large and bulky moving kits from a store which makes it easy on you and on your back.

Also, if you find that you don't have enough supplies, with our fast delivery you can quickly and easily add more large moving kits to your order as the need arises. Have a great moving day.