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Moving Boxes That Are Stackable With Fast and Free Shipping  

Moving boxes need to be strong and sturdy so that they can be stacked on top of each other without damage. MovingBoxDelivery.com sells the highest quality boxes for moving. 

Our fast and easy online service for ordering boxes also make it very easy and helps our customers save time. Packing is stressful enough without having to worry about going to the store and hauling 50 moving boxes back in your car. Instead, our quick and easy free delivery of moving boxes makes packing so easy. With fast and free shipping, you can order your packing boxes and supplies in 3 minutes and have them waiting for you at your doorstep. 

TIP: It is recommended to start packing boxes early. This process always takes more time than you think. Then if after you pack for a few days you find you need more, that is no problem. Since shipping is so rapid and ordering is so easy, you can effortlessly add-on the additional items that you need.


Moving Boxes Made of Quality Will Help Ensure That Your Valuables Are Protected: 

Moving boxes being transported in trucks take a lot of abuse. The truck is bumpy and they are stacked on top of each other. The quality of your moving boxes will have a direct relationship to the incidence of damages. Using strong and resilient boxes for moving you will decrease your chances of damages.

Moving Boxes that Are Free Will Not Save You Money if You Have Moving Damages. 

Free Boxes From A Grocery StoreOld Fruit Boxes Found Around HouseQuality, Strong Moving Boxes
Free moving boxes from a grocery store don't protect boxes laying around house are not a good option for moving. professional boxes for moving stack well and protect

Why Buy New Moving Boxes, Versus Using Free Boxes? 

All corrugated boxes for moving are stronger the first time they are used, versus the third or fourth. Many old boxes around the house or ones you would get from a liquor or grocery store have also gotten wet which weakens the box. Often these cardboard boxes don't have a top on them, which most licensed, professional moving companies will not move as they can't guarantee it is safe upon arrival.

In addition, old fruit boxes are also more difficult to pack and move, as they inconsistent sizes can't be stacked. When you are paying by the hour for movers, this means they will have to make more trips from the house to truck; all of which will cost you more money. 

Boxes purchased from Moving Box Delivery are new and designed in size and weight to have consistent stacking sizes. This makes it faster for movers to transport, which saves you money if you are paying for local moving services by the hour. Secondly, they are made with a thicker, higher quality paper to provide ultimate protection and manufactured to withstand being stacked without compression. 

Small Boxes, Medium Boxes or Large Boxes- Which is Better? 

Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The essential boxes that should be used for any move include:

1. Small boxes: (books, cans, cosmetics, office supplies small items) 

2. Medium boxes: (Clothes, kitchen items, small electronics) 

3. Large boxes: (Toys, kitchen items, small appliances) 

4. Xtra Large moving boxes:  (sheets, towels, large pots and pans)

5. Wardrobe moving boxes: (hanging clothes)

6. Kitchen boxes:

Kitchen boxes are stronger and sturdier and can support many of the items that are big and bulky. Things like appliances, or big pots and pans will need to be placed in a box if you want a mover to transport them.

There are also partition kits which are very helpful. These are dividers that fit inside of the box and are best used when you need to pack a set of glasses or china that is the same size. 

Specialty Moving Boxes Include:

1. Television boxes: (to move a LCD, LED or plasma TV)  

The best way to move television sets is with the original manufacture's packing and box. However, most people don't save this material for years in preparation for needing it.

The next best way to transport televisions is to buy television moving boxes.  All you need to know is the dimensions and you can order the right TV moving boxes to support your move. 

2. Lamp and lamp shade boxes:

The number 1 thing that people most commonly forget to pack is their lamps, which are typically delicate and can easily be broken. Using these wonderful tall lamp boxes, you can prepare your lamps for your move with ease. 

3. Picture boxes:

Protect your frame art with adjustable moving boxes that make it easy to pack your pieces inside of.  

4. Mirror boxes:

Mirrors are often delicate and can easily break when moving. Use adjustable mirror moving boxes and you can securely transport your decorative mirrors. 

5. Mattress boxes: 
Mattress boxes are used in conjunction with mattress bags. The box protects the integrity of your mattress, and the bags keep it clean. 

6. File moving boxes

Even if you don't work out of your home, everyone pays bills or has household office work and files that they use. File boxes are super to use while you are relocating, and can be saved after your move for the garage. 

TIP: These moving boxes can be saved to store tax records in your garage after your move. 


Are Bigger Moving Boxes Better? 

Many people believe that only super large sized boxes are good for moving, and they will somehow spend less money on their supplies if they buy only big. This is not the case. For example, you would not want to use large moving boxes filled with books. Many books combined get heavy and if the carton is too large it literally can be too heavy for movers to carry.  Some moving companies have their customers unpack certain boxes because they can not effectively be transported, or it will take the movers too long since they are too heavy. 

Moving boxes of various sizes affect how much damage will occur inside. For example, if you pack large cardboard moving boxes with many different things inside of it, each of those items could potentially damage the other. Versus if you use the correct size for what you are trying to pack without mixing multiple items, you will not have damages.