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Wardrobe Moving Boxes - Hanging Clothes Boxes

Wardrobe Moving Boxes are Ideal to  EASILY Transport Your Hanging Clothes

These large wardrobe boxes include a bar that makes it easy to transport your hanging clothes. Instead of trying to transport your hanging clothes in your own car where clothes could get wrinkled and take your time, you can have you movers put your clothes in their truck. Then when you arrive to your new home you can easily transfer the clothes from your wardrobe boxes into your new closet with ease. 

Wardrobe Boxes are the Best Way to Transport Hanging Clothes

Wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution for transporting your hanging clothes when you're moving. They provide a bar inside to hang clothes and are easy to seal, store and move. And if you need to move big items, wardrobe boxes can help with that too! Here are some tips to make your wardrobe box move as smooth as possible:
1. Use wire hangers to maximize space and hang your clothes in the box - optionally use a large plastic bag around your clothes if they’re going into extended storage.
2. Line the bottom of the box with shoes and fill it with belts, hats or any other accessories you might have.
3. Seal the top of the wardrobe boxes securely with tape when you’re ready to go.
4. Label the outside area of the wardrobe box with what room it should be placed in at its new destination so you don't get confused once you've arrived.
5. Fill all voids in boxes with packing material such as newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts to prevent damage from shifting during transport.
6. Avoid over-stuffing wardrobe boxes - if it looks like you've added too much weight to the box, then move some of the items into a separate box or lighten the load by leaving out unnecessary things.
  • The large wardrobe box can be also used to move big items that don't fit inside of a standard box.