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Studio/1 Bedroom Apartment Kits

If you are moving into or out of a studio, consider purchasing one of our studio or 1 bedroom apartment moving kits. It has all of the moving boxes and moving supplies you will need for this size of the home. 

Everyone has different preferences in how you like to pack. If you enjoy using packing paper to wrap your dishes, plates, cups, pots, and pans, you will save by buying an apartment moving kit that includes packing paper, bubble rolls, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and a marker.

Helpful Resources: 

This article outlines helpful ideas of how to set up a studio apartment so that you will fully enjoy it.

10 Tips from a Renter who Has Lived Happily in 338 SQ feet for Years

This helpful article talks about the author's experience of happily living in a studio apartment for years and how he set it up for success. It details ideas about storage, furniture, organization, and artwork. 

The author said that most people only use 20% of their home, which I believe. In a studio, you can maximize and enjoy every square inch.