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5 Bedroom House Kits (A lot of stuff)

Bigger Home Moving Kits

The large 5 bedroom moving kit is ideal for moving and storing big, spacious homes that have a lot of belongings, storage items or garages. This kit also comes in a smaller size if you have a large home, but have fewer belongings. 

  1. 102 Boxes, Fewer Supplies, and 248.5 cu.ft. of space

    20 Small moving boxes
    40 Medium moving boxes
    32 Large moving boxes
    10 X-Large moving boxes
    440 yards of tape
    4 Markers
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $320.16 Regular Price $376.65
  2. 113 boxes, $128 in Supplies, and 267 cu.ft. of space

    A $412 Value Sold Separately!

    36 Small Moving boxes
    36 Medium Moving boxes
    21 Large Moving Boxes
    20 X-Large Moving Boxes
    220 yards tape & 2 ClamShells
    96' of Bubble Cushion
    12 lbs of Wrapping paper 
    4 Markers
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $369.95 Regular Price $435.24
  3. 100 Boxes, $188 in Supplies, and 286 cu.ft. of space

    A $476 value sold separately!

    52 Medium moving boxes
    28 Large moving boxes
    20 X-Large Moving boxes
    12 Rolls of SmartMove Tape
    220 yards of Clear Tape
    2 Heavy Duty Dispensers
    72' of Bubble Cushioning
    6 lbs of Wrapping paper
    4 Markers
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $390.00 Regular Price $458.82
  4. 94 Boxes, 4 Wardrobes $185 in Supplies, & 307 cuft space

    A $518 Value Sold Separately!

    14 Small moving boxes
    30 Medium moving boxes
    26 Large moving boxes
    20 X-Large Moving boxes
    4 Wardrobe Boxes
    330 yards of Clear tape
    2 Heavy Duty Tape Dispensers
    72' of Bubble Roll
    6 lbs of Wrapping paper
    4 Markers
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $378.00 Regular Price $444.71

Order a Large 5 Bedroom House Moving Kit

Is your house packed with belongings and you have a garage, shed and boxes up to the ceiling you need to pack? This large 5 bedroom house moving kit is designed to get you started with the right amount of boxes and supplies for this size of home. This isn't an exact science, but it is a great starting part as these kits were based on data of people who are moving.


Packing Tips for Packing All of Your Five Bedrooms: 

Are you interested in learning how to pack bedroom when moving or storing? 

Packing bedrooms is easy. A few simple tricks to learn and you will have everything you need to pack your bedroom. 

How to Pack a Bedroom

Helpful Bedroom Packing Tips for Your 5 Bedroom House

Once you receive your moving boxes and packing supplies, you will be able to pack your bedroom with ease.

Helpful Tips When Packing a Bedroom: 

  • You can save time and money on your move by donating all of the clothes you don’t want before moving to a charity. The more items you can discard before you start packing your bathroom, the less expensive your move will be and the more organized you will be when unpacking.
  • Make sure that that you EMPTY all of your drawers before the movers arrive. Most moving companies won't transport your dressers with items insides.

  • You need to pack your folded clothes inside of moving boxes if you want your movers to transport your dressers and your clothes.

  • Wrap your clothes in bags before you place them in the moving boxes. This helps prevent dust if you have a long distance move, or are going into storage.

  • Don't keep shoes and clothes in the same box for a long time, or your clothes will exude a smell.

Most Important Sizes of Moving Boxes For Bedrooms

1. Large moving boxes - Ideal to pack folded clothes, sweaters, socks, undergarments and more. 

2. Wardrobe boxes - Hang your clothes inside of this box as it has a bar. 

3. Some items will also use medium moving boxes, otherwise known as the All Purpose Moving boxes. -  You may have a clock radio, some photo albums or other items that are ideal for this size.

Wardrobe Boxes are Lifesavers When Packing a Bedroom

The most helpful type of moving boxes when moving a bedroom are wardrobe boxes. These boxes enable you to hang your clothes inside of the moving boxes. It is easy to pack and keeps your clothes in perfect shape. It makes unpacking so easy.  

Tips When Using Wardrobe Boxes: 

1. Place shoes, belts, hats and other items on the bottom of your wardrobe box with hanging clothes on top if it is a local move. 

2. Use metal hangers versus plastic hangers to get more space in your wardrobe boxes. 

3. Place your clothes inside of plastic garbage bags before hanging.