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Moving Boxes, Moving Supplies, and Moving Kit Delivery is Simplified with Online Purchasing: 

Moving Boxes Purchased Online Save You Time and Money: 

With low overhead and high volume, our inexpensive moving boxes and packing supplies are 35%-40% LESS cost than movers and retail stores. We pass on the savings to our customers!

No more wasted hours driving to the store to haul packing boxes and moving supplies back home. Instead, save your precious time and have them delivered right to your doorstep. What could be easier than that! If you calculate the cost of gas and the time it takes you to go back and forth from the store, you will find that it is a lot cheaper and easier to buy moving supplies online instead!

Moving Supplies Designed with Quality Help Prevent Damages:

You work very hard for the belongings you own, and why risk damaging them while you move. Instead, ensure that your valuables are well protected by using high-quality cardboard moving boxes. Solid, strong moving boxes are less likely to compress when stacked which is the leading cause of damages. 


About the Quality of Our Boxes and Moving Supplies: 
Our small, medium and large moving boxes are strong and sturdy with an ECT32 which is recommended by professional moving companies. Our larger specialty boxes like kitchen boxes, file boxes, and wardrobe boxes have a 40 ECT to support the extra weight. We also have specialty boxes that are ideal for electronics such as our television moving boxes.

Our moving kits and supplies are also of the highest quality designed for moving. From bubble wrap, to stretch wrap, we have everything you need to make your move a success. 

Moving Kit Information: 
You can also build your own kit, which is a simple and easy way to buy moving supplies.   Simply, chose which cardboard boxes and packing supplies you would like such as packing peanuts,  packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap and add it to your cart from one page. We also sell glass and dish packs.  At you can buy specific either items, order a moving kit by the size of home you have, or you can even build your own moving kit.

Moving Boxes That Are New, Clean, and Bacteria Free Are Healthier To Use: 

It is true that you can get free moving boxes from grocery stores, convenience stores, and dumpsters, but why? These cardboard cartons have been contaminated with influences of all kinds and you are taking a risk by putting your valuables inside. If you buy new moving boxes instead, you will know that they are clean and free of microscopic organisms, germs, and dirt. 

  • Stackable moving boxes maximize space in the truck and dolly, which saves you money on your move. 

  • Boxes are made from recycled materials that can be recycled again. For more information go to: recycle boxes 
  • Free and Fast, Delivery of Moving Supplies in the USA!

Moving Box Delivery Inc. offers same-day shipping of moving supplies for all orders that are placed before 3 pm EST/1 pm PST, and 1-3 day delivery for most of the USA.  For more information go to  shipping times 



Moving Box Packing Tips: 

1: Fill your moving boxes to the top, and use crumpled newspaper to fill in any gaps. Full boxes are much stronger than half-empty cartons.

2: Label moving boxes properly. Use a black marker to indicate which room the moving boxes should be placed in at your new home and what is inside. This one tip alone can save you hours and hours of time unpacking your new home.

3. Use packing paper to wrap your dishes, plates, cups, and china. Newspaper print is much lighter in weight and does not protect dishes, and can also leave ink stains. Professional packing paper is one of the most important moving supplies there is.

4. When packing your hanging clothes, place a garbage bag around your clothes to help keep your clothes clean and dust-free before placing them in your Line the bottom of the wardrobe moving boxes with shoes and belts to maximize space. Lastly, as a tip use wardrobe boxes with wire hangers so you will have more space to hang clothes inside.

5. Pack items that you no longer use. Before you move it is a wonderful time to have a garage sale or sell things on Craigslist. If you are hiring a mover, you will save a lot of money by transporting fewer items.

6. Consider using mattress bags to protect your mattresses from dust, dirt, moisture, insects, heat, and damage. These bags slip right over your bed and are easily forgotten about.

7. Stretch Wrap is a great packing material to wrap around your furniture to protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture. Movers typically provide this free of charge, but if you are renting a truck and doing this yourself, this can be a worthwhile investment.

8. TIP: Use the correct size of moving boxes to properly support what you are packing. Many people mistakenly believe that BIGGER is better, which isn't true when it comes to moving or storing. They think they will save money by packing their home with the largest moving boxes they can find, which simply isn't true.

9. Don't forget to order moving blankets for your next move. These wonderful items can be used for a one-time move, or you can purchase one of the multi mover blankets and reuse it for years to come. Blankets are ideal to prevent scratching of furniture, to move heavy items, to pack art, and to use as a very strong cushion in a storage unit or a truck. 

Large Moving Boxes Are Not Advisable for Many Items: 

A. If you pack your belongings in too large of moving boxes you will increase the likelihood of your belongings moving around inside and breaking.

B. Movers can not transport boxes that are too heavy.

C. Unpacking takes so much longer when you are sorting items that were all mixed together inside of big, massive boxes.

D. Large moving boxes should only be used for big lightweight items. 

Packing Moving Boxes- A Guide To Help You Choose the Right Size Box: 

-Small moving boxes should be used for heavy, small items like books and cans.

-Medium moving boxes are ideal for almost anything, as they won't get too heavy yet they hold a lot. Most of our moving kits have a lot of medium boxes for this reason. If you were to only buy one size, this carton is the best all-purpose moving box.

-Large moving boxes are designed for blankets, pillows, and linens.

-Extra-large moving boxes should only be used for very large lightweight items like pillows and comforters.

Lastly, wardrobe boxes are the perfect way to transport your clothes directly from your closet to the moving boxes.

Healthy Moving Tips: 

1. When moving, don't forget to get sleep, keep exercising, and eat healthy the month you are preparing for your big day. This transitional period of life where people need the extra energy, but often is a time when people eat less healthy, don't get sleep and stop their normal exercise routine.

2. Relax! Being in transition can be stressful, so don't forget to do relaxing things that help relieve the extra stress that you may be going through.

3. Before you move, watch a funny comedy that makes you laugh, take a bubble bath, yoga, listen to music that makes you want to dance while you pack, let your young kids decorate your moving boxes, exercise, swim in the ocean or pool, avoid caffeine, get a massage, yoga, deep breathing, eat a healthy diet, light candles with quiet music and aromatherapy at night to wind down.

4. If all else fails, let your kids put HUGE smiley faces on all your moving boxes while you are packing. Don't worry your move will be over before you know it!

5. Plan how you will get rid of your boxes before you move. Call your local city and find out how to recycle your moving boxes. Many cities offer a FREE move-in/move-out programs where they will come and pick up all your moving supplies and these programs usually recycle too! 

6. Relax and order your boxes and supplies online to make moving easy! 

Moving Box Delivery is pleased to provide free and fast delivery of moving boxes and moving supplies to many cities across the U.S. including:  Atlanta Georgia, Baltimore Maryland, Boise Idaho, Boston Massachusetts, Brooklyn New York, Charleston South Carolina, Chicago  Illinois, Cleveland Ohio, Dallas Texas, Detroit Michigan, Nashville Tennessee, Newark New Jersey, Manhattan, NY,  Miami Florida, New York, Las Vegas Nevada, Los Angeles California, Portland Oregon, Phoenix Arizona, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Houston Texas, Queens New York, Sacramento California, San Diego California, San Francisco California, Seattle Washington, The Bronx and Staten Island New York, Tampa Florida, Tucson Arizona, Virginia Beach Virginia, Raleigh North Carolina, and Washington DC. 

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