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Are you moving to the magical state that has the slogan as "Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places?" If so you are in great hands!  Now you can buy South Carolina moving boxes and packing supplies on the computer, and then have them sent directly to your doorstep with FREE SHIPPING. 

Our (South Carolina) SC moving boxes, and supplies, like packing paper and moving blankets to protect your furniture can be delivered to all of the major cities with 2 day delivery including Anderson, Aiken, Charleston, Columbia,  Florence, Greenville, Goose Creek Hilton Head Island, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Spartanburg, Summerville, and Sumter.  


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If you own a beautiful Georgia, Italianate or Victorian home the chances are high that you have many special items that you don't want to get ruined during a move. 


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Moving To South Carolina? Helpful Resources

1. Educational Opportunities 

If you have college-aged children, there are wonderful universities available in the from the public to private. The largest SC State University is the following:

University of South Carolina
Located right in the city of Columbia, this University offers a lot to students. It's an old landmark in the area that is rich with tradition. 

For more information go to: Universities in South Carolina 

TIP: Remember if you want to buy a college moving kit for your college-bound students, this makes a wonderful, well-appreciated gift. 

2. Public Schools

To search the API ranking of an elementary through high school go to: Great Schools South Carolina  

2. How To Recycle in SC?

This fabulous state has a very proactive recycling program that actually helps create over 37,440 jobs according to the South Carolina Commerce Recycling

Don't forget to recycle your boxes and supplies when you are finishing moving.

 3. Business Resources in South Carolina

If you are moving to South Carolina and looking for work opportunities and/or you are looking to start a new business, be sure to check out the following resources: 

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Loans in South Carolina

4.  Southern Cooking

If you are just moving to this great state and want to learn some good old fashion Southern cooking, go to a cooking school in South Carolina for fun and education. 


Map of South Carolina (SC) 

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Our Moving Box Delivery services in South Carolina make it very easy to get everything you need without driving to any store and we help ensure a smooth delivery to your next home.

Wishing you an excellent move! 

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