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Small Moving Boxes

Small Moving Boxes Are Needed Just as Much as Large Boxes

-Bigger is not better when it comes to moving, both sizes are needed

Small moving boxes such as the small 1.5 cubic moving boxes are the most widely used and most recommended size that professional movers use. The reason is you can pack freely without concern that your corrugated boxes are too heavy to carry, or that they will break. The reason is, although 1 can is light, 500 cans inside of a large box would not make it too far and could potentially create damage. 

TIP:  Place items in the smallest box size that they could fit inside. Also, if you have lightweight items that together would become heavy, use smaller moving boxes. 

Small and large boxes are needed for moving

The Benefits of Small Moving Boxes

Small moving boxes are the most important packing supply there is. The biggest reason that things break inside of boxes is that they rub together on each other, or there is space within the box. If boxes are too large this risk is increased. There are only a certain amount of belongings you can fit in a 16x10x10 box which is good to protect your valuables. It is like a built in checker to make sure you are not packing too many disparate items in each load.

The biggest mistake people make is putting everything they have into the largest boxes they can find. Not only will their belongings rub against each other, but some moving companies have to charge customers more to unpack very heavy boxes because they were too big. Also, there are a lot of small items like cans, that if you pan a dozen of them they become quite heavy. Even the highest quality moving boxes like ours have limits to the weight capacity before there is a risk.

-The most popular small box is the 1.5 cubic: The 16 x 10 x 10 box size is ideal to pack anything that is heavy like a book, but you need to pack several books. 

Small Moving Boxes are Ideal to Pack the Following Items: 

1. Small breakable Items: Smaller size cardboard boxes are ideal to move personal and/or delicate items. Tiny figurines, small breakable plaques, vases individually wrapped, or small electronics.

2. Personal items:
This could be things like jewelry, makeup, vitamins, or medicines that you want to keep all together.

3. A Strategy for keeping belongings together:
Anything that is packed, will need to be unpacked. One of the ways to make this easier is it can be helpful to divide things that you don't want to mix up like putting all of your Apple chargers together into one box. With this small size of a box, you could put all of your iPhone chargers together in one box. Keep your house phone system together. Put a variety of different outlet cords altogether in the same box, or put things like spices that you would not want to mix with anything else accidentally.

4. Books, scrapbooks, binders: 
This box also has professional labeling on it, so if you are hiring a moving company you can put the labels and seals where they need it to be placed so they can see this labeling when they are stacked.

5. Cans in your kitchen
One can of anything is not heavy. If you put 20 of them in a box it feels a lot different. You get the point. This is what small boxes are for. 

Why Professional Movers Use a lot of Small Moving Boxes: 

Many people don't know how to pack and professional movers are not always hired to pack people's homes. When they are, they use a lot of small boxes for a variety of reasons. 

Small 1.5 Cubic Boxes is the size that professionals use, as they were designed for moving and are Less Likely to Compress. Small boxes for moving do not compress when they are stacked on top of each other in a moving truck. This lack of compression protects your valuables from moving damages. The 1.5 cubic moving boxes are what professional movers use. These small-sized boxes are sized to fit on dollies and stack with the other larger boxes such as the 3.0 cubic, 4.0 cubic and the 4.5 cubic. They all fit together like a puzzle. These boxes were built with the strength to support being stacked in a truck, on a dolly and in a storage unit. I.e. Stacking on a truck without compressing, stacking in storage unit without compressing, and stacking on a dolly without compressing.

Professional movers love to see when people pack with small 1.5 cubic cartons as they are able to transport multiple boxes on the dolly from your house to the truck, making fewer trips. If you order small sizes from a moving company, they will sell you the 1.5 cubic version.