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1.5 Small Cubic Moving Boxes (15) -Ideal For books, cans & scrapbooks

  • Bundle of 15: 16 3/8" x 12 5/8" x 12 5/8" Small Moving Boxes with handles
  • Small 1.5 Cubic feet Deluxe Corrugated Packing Box
  • Use Black Marker to fill out the form on the box with the packing contents
  • Recommended for the dish divider or glass pack kit to pack dishes
  • Ideal for small heavy items like books, CD’s, canned goods, records, tools, videos, small appliances, toiletries, or kitchen items
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Small 1.5 Cubic Moving Boxes Packing Guide: 

Small 1.5 cubic moving boxes is a wonderful multi-purpose box; often known for it's great use for books, cans or other items that are small, but heavy when combined. This small box is deep, holds a lot of belongings, yet is very difficult to overpack. This specific size of moving box called the 1.5 cubic small moving box is what professional movers widely use to pack homes.

One of the reasons why 1.5 cubic moving boxes are so popular with professional moving companies, is they keep things naturally from intermingling within the carton itself which prevents breakage. You will be surprised how handy this size is to support all types of various uses. 

Rule of thumb: Any small item that is heavy when you pack several of them together is ideal for 1.5 cubic moving boxes


-Several cans of food that you are taking to a drop (Although 3 cans are not heavy, 50 of them in a box will be) 
-Small weights

Small 1.5 Cubic Moving Boxes Divide Items That Should Not Mix:

Any of the small moving boxes are great as a way to organize and make it easy to unpack. For example, you may want to put all of your cleaning supplies in one small box, while you want another to put all perfume in. Or one box for vitamins, while another is for medicine.

This size can provide flexibility to divide important items into separate spaces. 

1.5 Cubic Boxes Can Help You Save Money Hiring Moving Companies: 

Local movers that charge by the hour are much faster when they are not carrying large heavy boxes and instead can stack several small lightweight boxes on top of each other. The 1.5 small cubic moving box size is one of the most widely used boxes for professional movers. Since they neatly stack on top of each other, fewer trips are required from the truck to your home. 

Be sure to watch this helpful video on how to pack books properly in small moving boxes- getting the most amount of books in. 


More Information
UPC 810106510606
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Rectangle
Product Type Moving Box
Features / Highlights Box bundles shipped flat, Single Wall with 32ECT and 65lbs weight limits, Regular slotted container boxes with creases for quick assembly, Boxes are eco-friendly and made of recyclable material, Great for packing, moving, and storage
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 17.400000
Product Length 16.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 12.000000
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