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Bubble Rolls

Small Bubble, Medium Bubble, and Large Bubble Rolls to Protect Your Valuables

Bubble wrap is one of the most widely used moving supplies there is. Be sure to select the size of bubble needed for what you are packing. Small bubbles are the most common for delicate items, medium bubbles are the most versatile and large bubbles should be used for large items that need a cushion. 

bubble wrap rolls are helpful for moving

Bubble Rolls: Packing to Protect Your Belongings

Bubble Rolls is a very versatile packing supply for protecting valuables. The bubbles provide a cushion that absorbs shock, prevents items from rubbing on each other within the box, protects against vibration while in the truck, can keep items clean when storing, and helps prevent moving damages while in transit. Bubble Rolls can even be used just to fill up holes in your box to make the box stronger; as filled boxes are much more resilient.

Bubble Wrap- Are Bigger Bubbles Better?

The size of the bubbles a can be confusing as to which one is best to buy. Bigger bubbles are most frequently used to pack heavy items like mirrors and sculptures. Medium and larger bubble wrap are also commonly used when shipping large items and there are gaps in the box that need to be filled. (This makes the box stronger when shipping. Bigger bubbles are mainly used for large items that are heavy. For a heavy item would smash small bubbles and therefore would not have the protection that is needed. On the other hand, larger bubbles are cumbersome and difficult to use when trying to wrap delicate items. Medium to large bubble rolls is more expensive, as there is more material that is needed.

Overall a combination of bubble wrap sizes is usually the best option for most homes. This is why the small size is most commonly used as it is easiest and most versatile in use.

What is The Most Popular Size of Bubble Wrap?

-3/16 is the most popular and most widely used bubble roll size used by professional movers. It is versatile and can be used in many ways.

-Bubble wrap is available in a small 3/16, medium 5/16 and a 1/2 large size.

Bubble Bags Are A Great Option For Easy Packing

Imagine being able to put every cup or dish you want directly into a bag and then not needing to secure it with tape. That is a bubble bag. You won't find movers using these types, but consumers love them. They are a bit more expensive, but often the time saved in not needing to cut and the tape is worth it.

Check out packing paper as another wonderful packing supply in conjunction with bubble wrap.