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X-Large Moving Boxes

Large Moving Boxes to Move Lightweight Big Items 

XL moving boxes are important to have when moving. Large boxes for moving are ideal for items like blankets, sweatshirts, socks, tee shirts, and pillows. 

  1. 10 Extra Big Moving Boxes (Ideal to pack pillows and linens)
    Bundle of 10: 23 x 23 x 16" Extra Large Moving Boxes 4.9 Cubic feet of packing space Single Wall 32 ECT XL moving box with 200lb test
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $58.80

What To Pack in Extra Large Moving Boxes?

These extra large packing boxes are best used when you have very bulky, big items that are lightweight. The best example of this is pillows. You can pack several pillows together inside and the carton will never become too heavy to lift. If you are hiring a professional moving company, they will require that all items they move are inside of some container that is closed. Licensed movers can not move items that are "loose" as they can't guarantee there won't be damage.

Therefore, any item that is large and not heavy, and doesn't have a specialty box like our tv box, tall lamp boxes, art boxes, or file boxes to store your old bills, can be put in these big moving boxes.

Examples of Items Ideal To Pack in This Size:

-Many stacks of sheets
-Pillows and cases
-lamp shades
-Many sweaters stacked
-A family's worth of tennis shoes, and sporting shoes
-Balls from the outside
-All the toilet paper and extra paper towels that you bought from Costco
-Cumbersome, big, yet light kids toys
-Sweatshirts/jeans/socks (If you want to divide them by person that the regular large box would be best)

What To Not Pack in The Super Size, Extra Large Moving Box?

It is important to remember that the strongest box in the world all have a limit to how much weight they can hold. Also, really massive boxes can get too heavy for movers to work with and can run the risk of breaking if they are overpacked. So as a rule of thumb, only put very big, lightweight items in these X-Large boxes. Try and be aware of how much weight you are putting into the box.

Examples of items you would not want to pack in an x large moving boxes:

-Tons of boxes that fill up the box (it would be too heavy.) Small book boxes are the way to go.
-A box filled with cans. (too heavy when you have many of them) Small boxes also ideal for this.
-A carton filled with cookbooks and scrapbooks. (too heavy) This would be best to pack in all-purpose medium sized boxes.