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Picture Moving Boxes

Order Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes with FREE SHIPPING! 

Picture boxes and art boxes are great for moving and packing framed art. if you are wondering where to buy picture moving boxes, or mirror moving boxes you have come to the right place.

TIP: Pictures need to be wrapped with bubble before being placed into the picture moving box, and mirrors are the same with their preparation. 

Art boxes make moving easy

Picture Moving Boxes- How To Pack Art Effectively

Moving boxes for pictures are an ideal way to pack framed art when moving or storing. If you have paintings, fine art, and/or mirrors that you are moving, they will need to be put into the picture moving boxes in order for a professional mover to transport them. It is easy to do. Any picture up to 30 " x 40 " x 4 can fit in these boxes. Each box is adjustable for smaller sizes. These same boxes can also be used to pack framed mirrors.

Step 1: Wrap moving blankets or bubble wrap around your framed art piece.

Step 2: Place in the adjustable picture moving boxes and then put crumpled packing paper in all of the holes so there is no possibility if moving inside.

Step 3: Generously tape and label all of your mirror moving boxes VERY FRAGILE.

Step 4: Tape all the way aroundall of your mirror and art moving boxes.

Moving Insurance for Your Fine Art?

If you need fine art moving insurance,

If you plan on buying insurance, you can buy your picture art moving boxes from to save money, but you must have your professional moving company pack your framed art. Otherwise, it will be considered to be Packed by Owner (PBO). Any damages incurred to PBO fine art items will not be compensated in a claim.

NOTE: Our picture moving boxes will be considerably less in cost than if you buy from a moving company for the same product.