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Foam Wrap

  1. 50-Feet x 12-Inches
    1/16-Inches Thick
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery

  2. 150-Feet x 12-Inches
    1/16-Inches Thick
    Ships from FL 1-5 day Delivery

Packing Foam Wrap is A "Green" Option From Bubble Wrap

This flexible material can be used in many of the same ways that bubble can when packing your home. Some people like to use foam better, where others prefer bubble.The nice benefit of the moving foam rolls is they can be recycled, where bubble wrap can not. This is why it is considered to be more "green."

How To Use Packing Foam Wrap To Protect Your Valuables

This supply is a wonderful option that provides different capabilities and protection than stretch film or bubble does. It is easy to pack with and you typically don't need tape to secure your fragile items.The moving and storing foam is perforated every12 inches. All you have to do is tear off as much as you need and then wrap your valuables with it. Some feel that this is what makes it easier to use. It can be placed between items that you are stacking inside of boxes and can be wrapped around items with or without tape.

  • Packaging foam can also be a good option to wrap around wood or leather furniture before you put shrink wrap around it to ensure that your furniture isn't damaged.

When Do You Use Foam Wrap Versus Inkless Paper?

Foam wrap is ideal when you have fragile items that are small and delicate and need special padding around them. Versus packing kitchen inkless paper is ideal for glassware, dishes, pots, pans, plates, cups etc.

Another great aspect of this pliable protective covering (other than being easy to use,) is it can be recycled with your moving boxes.