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Moving Supplies

Save Money Ordering Moving Supplies Online! 

Moving supplies make it so much easier to pack your home and protect your valuables. Our products are sold at wholesale prices and are much lower in cost than you would find from movers or retail stores in your area. Be sure to read our helpful tips on how to properly use each supply to ensure the safety of your goods while moving or storing. You can also use these affordable shipping supplies to ship goods from one place to another. 

The Importance of Using Moving Suplies Correctly: 

Effectively using moving supplies is important when protecting valuables while transporting your goods from one place to another in a rental truck or in a storage unit. If belongings are not wrapped, furniture isn't protected and glasses don't have cushioning inside the boxes, damages can occur. These damages can cost significantly more than purchasing the correct packing supplies in the first place. Many people don't know how tp pack boxes because most people move every few years and don't do it often enough to learn the skill. Therefore, when it comes to moving day, often the incorrect products are used and this puts people at risk of damaging cherished belogings. 

How to Use Each Type of Moving Supply: 

Packing Paper- Wrap Plates, Cups, China and Pots:  Paper without print on it is one of the easiest moving supplies to use to wrap fragile items, yet most people have not used it. Professionals use it heavily as it is a very rapid and effective way to protect individual items from being damaged.

TIP: Be sure to use packing paper in the kitchen to wrap your valuable dishes, china, frying pans, broiler pans, and small appliances. You can also use it to wrap almost anything that you want to prevent from getting scraped or broken. When you have several items in a box that are wrapped with thick paper, it is almost as if each item is floating. It reduces how heavy it is and helps you load up a box to the top.

What is Packing Paper for Moving?

This paper is strong, thick, and "ink-less" and creates a pillow of support around your dishes. Once you get the hang of it, it is effortless to use on almost anything. It requires no tape and can provide a form of padding around all your home goods.

10 pounds of paper can be an important moving supply that professional movers use:

~10 pounds of paper is ideal to pack most kitchens and is equivalent to 100 sheets.

25 pounds of paper

~25 pounds is ideal to support a 3-4 bedroom home and is equivalent to 250 sheets. You can wrap picture frames, art, and other valuables in boxes.

Bubble Wrap:  Ideal to wrap fragile items in 

Protective bubble wrap is one of the most widely used moving supplies. This padding helps prevent your items from being destroyed during a move. You can put this on the artwork, or small delicate items. Our bubble wrap is 12 inches wide x 80 feet long. The bubble size is 3/16, which is the most useful size when moving. Bubble wrap is the most popular of all the moving supplies. There are different sizes of bubble wrap. Large bubbles are best for wrapping big items and small bubbles are ideal for protecting smaller delicate fragile items. 

Professional Packing Tape:  Needed to Secure Boxes

High-quality packing tape requires less tape and helps make sure that your cardboard boxes remain sealed throughout your move. Many people put too much tape on their boxes, which isn't necessary when you use high-grade moving supplies. The biggest mistake people make when securing boxes is actually the opposite of what you would imagine. It is putting TOO much tape on the box. This takes more time to pack and it actually does not secure your boxes any more than if you used one strip on the top and one strip on the bottom. As long as you don't overpack your cardboard boxes is all you need. Tape dispensers are valuable moving supplies you can keep for years

Shrink Wrap: Wrap Around Sofas and Chairs

Shrinkwrap is one of the packing supplies that many people don't know how to use. This product is  ideal for wrapping around furniture to protect it while in storage or in a truck.  It is very useful in protecting furniture from moisture, dust, and insects. Use the easy handle to wrap the shrink wrap around any piece of furniture that has fabric on it. If you have never used shrink wrap before, don't worry as it is actually a cinch to learn to use these moving supplies. If you are placing it on a sofa, you start circling around and around the furniture until it is covered with the wrap. Make sure it is tightly woven and the speed of application helps ensure this.

Mattress Bags: Protect Your Bed from Dirt and Germs

It is important to make sure that both your mattress and your box spring are sealed to prevent soiling, dust, and bugs from getting in the place that you rest your head every night. These bags are so simple to use. Slip them over your bed and tape the ends. That is it! By doing this, you truly will be able to sleep well at night knowing that your move did not make your bed dirty or unsanitary. Check out our mattress furniture bag moving supplies. 

Moving Blankets: Protect Floors and Furniture

Professional movers use many blankets for a variety of reasons and they are very useful to anyone who is moving.

1. Use it to protect stair railings, floors, or walls from being dinged while the move is taking place.

2. For local moves, the stretch wrap can be placed around the artwork to prevent scratching.

3. They can be used in the truck as a divider between fragile items.

These heavy-duty blankets are lifetime investment which can be kept for 25 years and used in many different situations. This wonderful blanket is very durable and is made from recycled materials. It is less expensive than the textile blanket, but a wonderful blanket to use when moving or storing. These moving blanket packing supplies are made from recycled materials. Paper moving pads are very useful moving supplies a disposable type of pad to help protect furniture, floors, and walls. Once you try using these moving supplies, you will wonder why you didn't use them before. Packing supplies like paper moving pads can help protect your floors

Black Markers- Label Your Boxes To Stay Organized

Be sure to indicate which room each box should be placed in and what is inside of the box. This will save you HOURS of time unpacking and help you stay organized.A good black marker can help you visually see where each box should be placed in your new home. Movers prefer that you place the label on the top of the box and on the side of the box. The reason for this is if you have 6 boxes stacked on top of each other, you will only see the messaging on the side. This is why this is important to do. Use your black marker to label our boxes