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Moving Blankets / Pads

Moving Blankets To Help With Moving, Storing, Camping, Reusing for Multiple Purposes Such as Protecting Valuables from Dust and Dirt:  

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Moving blankets are a great investment if you are moving, storing, using a -U-haul, or a portable storage unit. Even after you move you can keep these blankets and you can reuse and recycle them in a variety of ways.

Wrap valuables in your mini-van, use them when you paint if the kids are doing a project you can use the blankets to prevent valuable items from getting destroyed. You can use moving blankets to cover furniture when moving, and when transporting individual items that are not in the box. Heck, many people purchase Camo blankets to use when they are moving and then reuse while they are camping. Who doesn't need a soft blanket to sit at by the campfire! 

Overall, purchasing quality strong blankets for moving will help protect your valuables. Then you can keep them and reuse them time and time again. If you don't want to resue and just want to buy cheap blankets, consider using a lightweight moving blanket that isn't designed to last forever. 


FAQs About Moving Blankets: 

Question: Do I need moving blankets to wrap furniture for portable storage or a truck?

Answer: Yes you do. You can purchase them from the storage company, but you can save money purchasing from MovingBoxDelivery. Moving blankets are ideal for wrapping around your furniture inside of a PODS, or U-haul truck. This is the least expensive option with the most protection. These moving blankets are made of recycled materials and are designed for one-time use. 

Question: I am storing items, do I need storage moving blankets? 

Answer: Yes you do. When storing, you want to make sure to cover specific types of furniture to protect them. Also, in storage typically things are stacked on top of each other. The cushioning of the blanket pad helps protect your valuables. It also helps keep them clean, dust-free, and not damaged from scratching and rubbing together with other belongings.  

The least expensive option for short term moves is paper moving pads.  If you are in storage for over a year, it is recommended to go with Storage Moving blankets- 12 pack is very affordable.

Question: Are moving blankets helpful if you are remodeling or packing art/large items: 

Answer: Yes they are. If you need to cover furniture to protect from dust, dirt, paint, or debris, paper moving pads are ideal.  

Question: Do portable storage companies sell moving blankets or can you buy them yourself? 

Portable storage companies will sell moving pads, paper pads, and blankets of all types, but it will cost you more then if you purchase from Moving Box Delivery. Professional moving blankets have an 80-pound weight and designed to be used over and over, otherwise known in the industry as being "Pro-Mover Blankets."

Answer: If you are moving with a professional moving company they will likely include this so you won't need to buy. However, if you are moving with a portable storage company you want to make sure that you have blankets to protect valuable items and to ensure that shifting of the load in the truck is cushioned with the fabric. 

Question: What is the weight and size of moving blankets?  

Answer:  Moving blankets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The weight refers to how much filling there is inside of the blanket to provide protection. When moving, it is easy to use 12-36 blankets when you are covering furniture and valuables. If you are hiring a moving company this is included with your move, unless you are moving into a storage unit. Bulk Blankets

Weight By Blanket: 
The weight of the blanket helps you know if you can reuse it, and how much cushioning it has. As a general rule, anything over 4.5 pounds each can be 
reused, washed, and saved throughout the years. The highest weight you can get is the 10.83 for the camouflaged blanket for camping. Most professional movers use a weight of 7-8 pounds or 80 pounds by the dozen. 

Weight By Dozen: 
You will also see the weight of blankets being referred to by the dozen.  Example: A 4.5 lb moving blanket is 54lb per dozen. Most consumer moving needs are fine with 35lbs. 

Question: Moving Blankets: Why Use Blankets When Moving and Storing?

Moving blankets are ideal to use for any number of reasons when moving or storing. The top ways and reasons you can  use either quilted or woven blanket during your move are detailed below:

1. Prevent scratching:
You can use moving blankets to help prevent scratching of your doors, walls, and stairs. Any tight corner where your movers have to transport items, you can put a blanket on that area so if they need to rest the furniture on it, so your house will not be ruined. 

2. Protect leather furniture:
Another great use for extra performance blankets is to place them around your leather furniture before it is shrink-wrapped and use them time and time again. The reason why this is important is putting plastic right on the leather isn't good for it, so the pads act as a buffer. 

3. Use as a shield
Textiles can be used to drape on top of furniture so it doesn't rub against something else.

4. Transport heavy items
A trick of the trade to safely move heavy furniture on smooth floors like hardwoods or tiles is to place the heavy blankets under the item and slide the item. This can be particularly good if you don't have a long distance to move.

5. Wrap electronics
For delicate items that need more cushion, moving blankets can be used like extra-thick bubble wrap.

6. Protect artwork during local moves
Moving blankets are commonly used to place around artwork when you have local moves. Instead of spending a lot of money and having your artwork professionally packed in art boxes, you can place a padded blanket around each one and rest them securely against each other in the truck. (This isn't recommended for long-distance moves though) 

7. Portable storage
Durable quality blankets for moving are ideal when you are renting a PODS or any portable storage. Things inside of the unit can move, so it is advisable to have blankets around anything that could scratch or rub on other materials.

Question: Moving Blankets: Which One Should I Pick?

Answer: The type of moving blanket material that you want to use depends on what you are wanting to do and how long you want the product to last.
Professional movers usually use 65lbs blankets,  and 82lb moving blankets.  The reason is, licensed and insured professional movers who do full service will go for heavier weights because they are looking to get the longevity out of the moving blankets, therefore, order premium. The more times you can effectively use the wrappings, the less expensive they are. 

If you are moving once as a homeowner,  textile moving blankets to protect valuables are a great choice. They are low cost and durable and can protect your valuables from damage. Although these fabric blankets are not intended to be re-used for years, you can use them for other purposes.

If you are a moving company, check out our low pricing on bulk blankets.  

Question: What the different types of moving blankets:

There are many types of moving blankets. Each one has a different weight capacity and it helps understand how long it can be reusable and how thick the fabric cushioning is. 

Outdoor Blankets:  
Outdoor camping blankets for moving are ideal for campers, outdoors hunting and even your local Boyscout get together in the woods. It looks the part, it can provide ground cover around a camp fire, a blanket to sing songs around, or a way to easily wrap things that you don't want to mix together like a bow and arrow.

Remodeling Blankets: 
It is common when you move into a new home, that you will want to remodel many parts of your home. This means that often you will have to cover furniture to protect it from dust and dirt. For example, if you are having hardwood floors redone, dust will get everywhere. You will want to make sure your floors are well protected so you have minimal cleaning. 

Kids Craft Paper Pads: 
If you have young kids particularly, you know they make a mess. You can use paper pads or textile blankets as a way to cover the floors and let kids paint and be creative without ruining your home. 

Moving and storing blankets for a moving company: 
Professional movers use professional moving blankets that can be reused over and over. These have a weight capacity of 85lbs. 

Question: How to reuse blankets after you move

Answer: Every home should have 3-6 moving blankets at their disposal. There are so many times that these handy supportive cushioning blankets come in handy. These long lasting items come in handy for so many things. If you are doing construction in your house, you can use them to cover up items that you don't want dust on. 

If you are having new furniture delivered, you can make sure that your stairway is protected. (Not all delivery companies bring them) 

Lastly, if you are painting a room you can even use them to put on the floors where you are working.