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Paper Moving Pads

Moving Paper Pads Are Meant To Help Move Heavy Furniture

Moving pads are made out of paper and are ideal to put under heavy furniture where it serves as a buffer and a smooth surface to move your furniture. This is particularly helpful if you have hardwood floors, tile, laminate or smooth floors, as the bulky items can move more effectively. This still can be effective even on a carpet as long as the item isn't super heavy. 


Wrap Around Glass Furniture to Protect: 
Moving Pads are also wonderful and flexible to wrap around glass tables, hutches, and other big pieces of furniture that need to be moved. The layer of moving pads provides more protection than the bubble or packing paper would and it takes minutes to put on. 


Use On Floors To Protect Carpets: 
Once you move into your new home, you will have a variety of people coming in to set up new cable service, telephone and remodeling types of issues. It is wonderful to always have paper pads on hand that you can use to make sure they don't ruin your carpets.


Kid's Birthday Parties:
If you have young kids and are hosting a party, or have a play date, you know there are certain areas where the kids destroy. Instead of continually saying "no" you can put paper down so the kids can freely play, yet your flooring is protected.  

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