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Kitchen Boxes and Kits

Kitchen Moving Boxes Make Packing Easy! 

If you are packing a kitchen, make sure that you use quality boxes that are clean and strong to support your kitchen packing needs. Our kitchen moving suppliers are the same products that professional movers use and ideal for packing pots, pans, silverware, glasses, and dishware.

Kitchen moving boxes with partitions make it easy

Kitchen Boxes Packing Tips:

Kitchen boxes have dimensions of 18x18x28 and most importantly have double thick walls that make the box much stronger to hold heavier items in your kitchen.

For example, multiple plates packed in a box can get heavy quickly. The wonderful thing is this kitchen box is designed for this purpose. These kitchen boxes are designed for big heavy items, taller items or being able to stack up pots and pans without it breaking the box.

Using Partitions With Kitchen Boxes

With the partition glass kit, you can fit four partitions inside of the kitchen moving boxes. The best application for this is when you have a set of cups or glasses that are the same size. Sets of glasses, sets of coffee cups, or sets of glasses are a super easy way to move them.

The Importance of Using Kitchen Packing Paper:

Only a portion of your items will be packed in kitchen boxes, and others will be in medium 3.0 cubic boxes, small boxes and some large. Therefore, packing paper becomes very important to provide a cushion.

Three most important tips for packing a kitchen:
1. Use packing paper to wrap bowls, plates, dishes, and pans. The packing paper provides a cushion around your dishes so they are padded and do not scratch.

2. Do not use regular newspaper on dishes, as the ink can stain your dishes and it is dirty.

3. Use kitchen moving boxes for most of your larger kitchen items. Smaller kitchen items can be placed in the 1.5 cubic moving boxes.