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Medium Moving Boxes

Medium Moving Boxes are a Movers Best Friend! 

Need medium moving boxes with FREE SHIPPING? If so, you have come to the right place. Did you know that the #1 most popular size moving boxes that are used in the industry are the 3.0 cubic medium moving box? The second most popular is the 1.5 cubic box. Both of these boxes are difficult to overpack, easy to carry, and help your local movers that you are paying by the hour be fast and efficient which saves you money. Both are important which is why so many of our customers purchase moving kits. Also, medium moving boxes let you group similar items together in the same box, where larger boxes you end up combining multiple items that shouldn't be included in the same box. 

Medium moving boxes are just right

  1. 10 Medium Moving Boxes- Add More Boxes to a Kit

    • Fewer Medium Boxes
    • 10 - 18x14x12
    • Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery

    After Instant Rebate Special Price $33.15 Regular Price $39.00

  2. 20 Medium Boxes - Kitchen Items and Electronics
    • More Boxes More Space
    • 20 - 18x14x12
    • Shipped in a shrink wrapped bundle
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $58.80

  3. 10 Premium Medium Boxes

    • Larger Printed Boxes
    • 10 - 18x18x16
    • Shipped WITH a protective shrink wrap cover to ensure safe delivery

    After Instant Rebate Special Price $42.50 Regular Price $50.00

Medium Moving Boxes-What to Pack in This "All Purpose Moving Box?"

Medium packing boxes are versatile and flexible in what you can pack in them. They are large enough to be able to hold many different items, yet small enough that they are difficult to overpack and make too heavy. Also, medium-size moving boxes are the ideal size that you can group similar types of items together so it is easy to unpack on the other side. For example, have a box filled with your son's socks and undergarments, and use another medium moving box for your daughters. Then when you unpack it will be easy.

Ideal items to pack in 3.0 cubic medium moving boxes are:

-Small pots, pans, and plates
-Kitchen bowls
-small electronic equipment
-hats/gloves/scarfs together in a box
-Socks, hats, gloves
-Telephone systems for your home with all the cords together
-Small electronics like label printers

Medium Moving Boxes- 3.0 Cubic Boxes Versus the 18x14x12 Size? What is the Difference?

Moving Box Delivery offers two different types of medium sizes. One is referred to as a 3.0 cubic box, which is what most professional moving companies would use if they were to pack your home. The others are medium-sized but not the official medium box. Please note, one of the reasons is there is embedded printing on the boxes so they have an organized way to see the labels when they are stacked. Also, the sizing is standard and uniform which moving companies like.

Both the 18x14x12 medium box and the 3.0 cubic have their place and can be used for similar items. The 3.0 cubic is the most flexible and is often referred to as the All-Purpose Moving Box.