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TV Moving Boxes

Television (TV) Moving Boxes To Protect Your Flat Screens While Moving

Television (TV) moving boxes are ideal to use if you no longer have the original box that your television came in. Instead, you can use a television moving box to enable your professional moving company to be able to transport your electronics safely and securely. Our adjustable tv moving boxes come in three sizes including the 32" adjustable tv moving box, the 60" adjustable tv box, and the 70" adjustable television moving boxes. These strong and sturdy flat screen moving boxes can also be easily saved after you move, as they are much slimmer than most of the original manufacturers' tv boxes are.

Television Moving Boxes are Great for moving

  1. Plasma, LCD, and/or LED TV's 56" to 70" x 6" wide
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $30.94 Regular Price $36.40

  2. Plasma, LCD, and/or LED TV's 56" to 70" x 6" wide. Combo pack 2 TV Boxes
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $58.80

  3. $23.50

  4. 12" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 65 Feet long, and 1/2" Large Bubble.

Need Television Moving Boxes for LED, Plasma and LCD Sets Between 15" all the way up to 70"

Do you need TV boxes for moving to safely transport your flat screens TVs from one location to another? If so you are in luck. Our team can help provide heavy duty, adjustable television moving boxes designed to protect your TVs while being moved.

Many people attempt to move television moving boxes in San Francisco for example, using their car or a U-Haul. The problem is, the odds of damage are very high. Also moving companies won't move anything that is not packed in a secure moving box. 

How Many Flat Screen Television Boxes Do You Need? 

In a recent article at USA Today cited that the "Average Home Has More TVs Than People."

Therefore, when deciding how many flat screen TV moving boxes you need, most of our customers will need anywhere between 3-10 TV boxes that they need to pack in 32-inch televisions boxes, on " 60 " TV boxes, and at least one 70-inch flatscreens television boxes.

It is a fact that over 90% of people do not keep the original manufactures television box that their set came in, so when they want to move that is where adjustable TV moving boxes are ideal.

Television Moving Boxes Packing Tips: 

If you need television moving boxes, use these helpful flat scree moving box tips to help prepare your television and pack it properly inside of the TV box.

STEP 1: Disconnect all cords from the television before placing inside of your TV moving boxes. Then before placing your TV in your television moving box, put a piece of wrapping paper around the cords and tape them shut.

STEP 2: Label the packing paper that is wrapped on the cords with the size and model of tv it is for. This will save you a lot of time unpacking if you have multiple television boxes with TVs of different sizes.

STEP 3: Place any screws or hardware place in a plastic bag all wrapped up in the same thing.

Protect the glass and/or plastic from scratching on the tv with a sheet or moving blankets designed for tvs. 

NOTE: Many of the televisions on the market have plastic for the displays. These can scratch easily. Therefore, use old sheets to wrap around the glass, taping only the sheets shut.

Tip: You do NOT want packing tape to adhere to the TV or it could easily create damage.

Wrap bubble around the TV before placing in the television moving boxes.

Tip: The bubble roll material helps prevent damages. It also ensures that there is a tight fit with the tv shipping boxes so there is no movement inside.

Fill the bottom of the television moving box with packing peanuts.

Place your set in the television moving box and put more peanuts around it, or things like moving blankets.

: Television moving boxes should be closed and secured taped all the way around.

Please note: Televisions that weigh more than 70 pounds should be packed in wooden crates versus in cardboard tv boxes.


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Moving Box Delivery ships our TV flatscreen moving boxes around the United States. We receive the most sales of our television moving boxes in cities such as Los Angeles, NYC, and Illinois moving boxes