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Furniture Moving Pads

Furniture Moving Pads Are Very Helpful When Moving and Storing

Furniture moving pads are 54 inches x 72 inches and ideal to wrap around furniture. This wonderful furniture moving blanket is designed for the do it yourself, one-time mover. Contrast this to other blankets are heavier and intended for multiple use applications.

Furniture moving pads are lightweight and easy to work with. Since they are not heavy unlike many of the professional blankets are, these textile blankets are very versatile, particularly for people who are moving and/or are not needing years of use out of their moving protection blankets. These versatile pads for furniture can be used in many different areas during your move and during your stay in storage. 

Our quality furniture pads are manufactured with a pliable, lightweight and soft fabric.; a form of felt.This makes them very moldable and flexible to work with. For the person who doesn't move for a living, these are a great choice. Any type of furniture can be wrapped easily with this blanket including tables, hutches, sofas, dressers and coffee tables.

You can also easily wrap furniture items such as mirrors, special framed art pieces, and anything else you want more protection for than packing paper would provide.

Furniture Pads  for Portable Storage Work Great! 

The Pods containers have hooks where you can strap your belongings in place, However, even if they are strapped, when the truck leans to the left of to the right your belongings will shift inside of the truck. By using strong textile furniture moving blankets, you can easily and quickly put them around the edges of your furniture so there is no scratching when one item rubs against another. 

Hope you have a great move!