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Lamp Boxes

Lamp Boxes and Lamp Shade Moving Boxes are Ideal for Moving and Storing: 

If you are looking for lamp boxes or lamp shade moving boxes you have come to the right place. Lamps are so delicate and they need to be cared for properly when moving to make sure there aren't damages. It is recommended to disconnect your own lamps and label the parts in bags instead of having your movers do this. 

  • Lamp Boxes - Tall
    Pack of 5 Tall Lamp Boxes 12" x 12" x 48"
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Lamp Boxes and Lamp Shades Packing Guide:

Lamp boxes make it easy to pack lamps and lamp shades. There are twodifferent types of lamp moving boxes, one is for the shade and the other is for the post. Moving Box Delivery provides a kit where you can order the two together.

STEP 1: Take the shade and light bulb off the lamp before placing in your lamp box. Lamp shades are often very delicate and can easily be bent or damaged. The shade has more risk of damage than the lamp itself, so it's important that you are careful with this process. Don't forget to also take the harps off the lamps and pack them in a different place as they are sharp.


STEP 2: Put either crumpled packing paper, moving blankets, or peanuts at the bottom of the box to cushion the lamp.  

LAMP SHADE: For the lampshade, have the wider side facing down when you put into the box. Be sure not to use regular newspaper or it can easily stain the shade.

: Put your lighted unit inside of the lamp boxes. It is important to fill the lamp packing boxes with some fill material so the lamp doesn't move such as pillows, packing peanuts. (This protects your lamp in the box from damage and moves pillows at the same time.)

Fill any gaps in the lamp boxes with crumpled packing paper and tape the box shut

: Write FRAGILE TOP LOAD top on the lamp shade boxes and the lamp boxes that have the post. This tells your movers that this will be the top box that the movers have on the stack of boxes in the truck.

TIP: When you disassemble the parts to your lamp, place each one in a zip lock bag with a label of which lamp it is for. Put all of these bags together in one of the small boxes so it will be easy to put all your lamps together when you are ready. It is so easy to loose these items when moving, and this is an easy way to prevent that.