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Large Moving Boxes

Large Moving Boxes to Move Lightweight Big Items 

XL moving boxes are important to have when moving. Large boxes for moving are ideal for items like blankets, sweatshirts, socks, tee shirts, and pillows. 

Large Moving Boxes are Ideal For Big, Light Weight Items: 

If you arewondering where to find large moving boxes for sale near you without having to spend gas and time picking them up at Loews or Home Depot, can help. This fast and easy service will ship boxes to your doorstep. This will help you save money, save gas, and time. With the most comprehensive selection of small, medium, and large boxes, your day will be easier and better with our service. 

At we sell large 4.5 cubic moving boxes that are 32 ECT (200lbs). This means that the fibers are well made and secure enough to help guarantee that your most prized items are well-taken care when stacked on top of each other in a moving truck. The 32 ECT means that 32 pounds of pressure placed on it without the box getting smashed.

What Should You Pack in Large Moving Boxes?

The large box is ideal to pack items that not heavy, but large. For example, a comforter is bulky, but it isn't heavy. That is ideal for a large box. For example, you would not want to pack 150 cans in a large box, as it would be cumbersome to hold and too heavy where you risk things breaking. Smaller sizes are ideal for this. 

You will find a lot of value in the large moving boxes for the bedroom packing. Things like folded clothes, jeans, tee shirts, and shoes fit well in this size of the box. 

Dishtowels, aprons, appliances, pots and pans, lampshades

Pack toys, games


Not Everything Should Be Packed in Large Moving Boxes, You Want All Sizes- Moving Kits:  

It is wise to have a blend of various sizes. The biggest mistake people can make is to purchase a bunch of large moving boxes, and not include other important packing container sies such as: 

1. Small

This size of box is ideal to pack books, cans, or misc small items that in your desk drawers.

2. Medium

These containers are moving companies' best friend. They are wonderful to pack anything that will fit inside and are not likely to get too heavy even if you fill them to the top. These are ideal for packing clothing and even kitchen appliances. 

3. Large

Ideal for packing folded light clothes like a tee-shirt, or a box full of socks. 

4. Extra Large 

You may also consider using extra-large boxes for moving that are ideal for large, lightweight items like pillows or sheets.