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Packing Tape

  1. 4 Rolls of 2" x 55 Yards Clear Packing Tape

  2. 2 Rolls of 2" x 55 Yards of Tape with Dispenser

  3. 4 Rolls: (1) Living Room
    (1) Bath Room
    (1) Kitchen
    (1) Bedroom

  4. 6 Rolls: (1) Kitchen
    (2) Bedroom
    (1) Living Room
    (2) Bath Room

Quality Packing Tape To Secure Your Moving Boxes

Packing Tape is included in all moving and packing kits and can also be purchased separately. Using professional quality packing tape to secure your moving cartons is important when because it requires less quantity to secure each box and you can ensure that your boxes don't pop open.

How To Use Packing Tape Without "Over Taping"

One of the biggest mistakes that novice Packers make is they just a lot more adhesive than a professional mover would use.This waste's time costs more in tape and makes it take longer to unpack boxes at your new home.

1. When taping your boxes, place one strip of tape across the seams of the moving box.

2. Then take another strip and place it on the other side of the box so it creates an X.
3. Be sure to fill your moving boxes to the top and use crumpled newspaper to fill in the gaps. This helps the cardboard keep its integrity and strength. This is important as these same boxes will be stacked on top of each other in a moving truck.
4. The next step with applying packaging tape is to secure your boxes shut. This is really important because movers can not move boxes that are open.

If you have your movers waiting there while you are taping your boxes shut, the cost of your move will increase when it wouldn't otherwise have to.

TIP: Hopefully after you move you are able to recycle your moving boxes. Don't forget to take all of the moving tape off of the cartons, as this can not be recycled.