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College Moving Kits

College Moving Kits Shipped Free To Your Door:

Moving to college and need to order a moving college kit? If it's that time of year and you are back to college, you have come to the right place. Regardless if you will be attending a local school or a school across the country, you still need to transport your personal items, clothes, books, computer, pictures to decorate and misc items. If you have a kitchen, then you will also need to pack pots, pans, plates, cups and silverware. All of these items can up quickly which is why you will why to order a college moving kit. These kits include the boxes and supplies you need for the typical amount of supplies at most college students need.

Please note, that needs for college moving vary slightly. Some college students are sharing an apartment with many others, and will only need to bring supplies for their own bedroom. Other college students may want to consider purchasing small apartment moving kits instead if you have kitchen supplies that you need to pack.

Generally speaking, our student moving boxes are designed for dorms, Sororities, Fraternities, or sharing apartments and condos with many other college students. Our student packing boxes make it easy to transport your belongings and they make great gifts too from Mom, Dad, an Aunt, Uncle or a Friend.

Other Helpful College Moving Supplies:

Other college moving supplies that you may find helpful are the wardrobe moving boxes. This box enables you to hang your clothes directly inside without your clothes getting wrinkled. It also can be used to store clothes at college in a storage unit (like winter clothes) without having to transport them all home.

Another key supply is file boxes. This can be a great way for college students to keep your papers and homework organized for all your classes. You can also store your personal documentation that you need while you are away.

Best of luck in your new college year.