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Moving Kits

Moving Kits- Top 11 Reasons To Purchase a Kit Versus Buying Separate Packing Supplies:  

Our moving kits include all of the moving boxes and moving supplies that you need to pack the size of apartment, condo or house that you have. The benefits of ordering moving kits that include packing supplies that you need are many including:   
#1.  Save time not driving to the store to buy different sizes of moving boxes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and a black pen.

#2. Spend less money on the cost of your moving boxes and packing supplies when you purchase in a moving kit versus if you bought each item separately. 

#3. Gain the ability to order the correct number of moving boxes and packing supplies based on industry moving statistics. 

#4.  Enjoy fast delivery times of receiving packing supplies included in moving box kits. 

#5. Save money buying online from what a big box store like Home Depot charges, or what you could purchase from any postal store. 

#6. The same packing supplies if ordered separately would cost more than if you purchase as a moving kit. 

#7. It is fast and easy to order a moving kit, versus buying each item separately. 

#8. Moving kits give you a very good starting point with how many boxes and moving supplies that you need. 

#9. Every moving kit include FREE SHIPPING!

#10. Every size of home has variousoptions of moving supply kits that you can choose. Some include wardrobe boxes for example, and others do not. 

#11.  Our boxes and supplies are designed for moving and storing to help ensure that your belongings are well protected. 


How to Determine Moving Kit Size:

1. Calculate the number of rooms that need to be packed. Include bathrooms, closets and your garage in the total.
2. Choose a base kit according to the size of your home, taking into account how many rooms you need to pack and what kind of furniture and items are in each room.
3. Decide which additional items you may need to complete your move. Popular add-ons include wardrobe boxes, moving labels, lamp boxes, TV boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts and file boxes for moving home office items.
4. Add these items to your base kit as needed to ensure you have everything you need for a successful move.
5. Check your kit regularly throughout the packing process to ensure that all necessary items are accounted for and you’re ready to move!


Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Moving Kits: 

Should I Get Wardrobe Boxes or Not? 

Yes, you should get wardrobe boxes with your moving kit if you are moving long distance or have a DIY move. Wardrobe boxes make it easier to transport clothes and other delicate items without wrinkling them during the move. However, if you are moving locally, some local movers will enable you to use a certain number of them the day of the move. 

How Many Rooms Does A Garage Account For?
When determining the space you have to pack, don't forget the garage. This is one of the most subjective parts of a person's home. One person could have a 2 car garage so packed that it needs 40 boxes, while another one can have a huge garage that housing mainly cars. Just keep this in mind when you are selecting the right size kit.