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Small Bubble Rolls

  1. 12" Wide, Perforated Every 12 inches, 175 Feet Long, and 3/16" Small Bubble Cushioning

  2. uBoxes 24" Wide, Perforated every 12" inches, 175' Feet long, and 3/16" Small Bubble cushioning

  3. 48" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 175 Feet long, and 3/16" Small Bubble Cushioning

Small Bubble

The small bubble wrap rolls are ideal for protecting small, lightweight and fragile items from being scratched, damaged or broken when shipping or moving. The 3/16 size is the most commonly used size by professional movers, and by many people with E-Bay busnesses. As long as an item is not very heavy you can't go wrong with this size.

Bubble rolls are easy to use and kids love to play with them once you are finished moving.

-Every 12 inches the bubble wrap is perforated to make it easy to use and not requiring scissors.

If you are wraping cups, small figurines, speciail silverware, or even small electronics, small bubble wrap can be a great fit.

Do You Need Tape With When Using Small Bubble Rolls?

One of the reasons that many people enjoy the small bubble roll size is that it can easily adhere to your belongings with a minimal amount of tape. Since the items you are packing are typically smaller, often you can bend the bubble wrap around your item and place in your box without packing tape.

Contrast this with the larger the bubble size which typically does require tape, or the item is likely not to stay in place.