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Medium Bubble Rolls

  1. 12" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 30 Feet long, and 5/16" Medium Bubble

  2. 12" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 100 Feet long, and 5/16" Medium Bubble

  3. 24" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 100 Feet long, and 5/16" Medium Bubble

  4. 48" Wide, Perforated every 12" inches, 100' Feet long, and 5/16" Medium Bubble

What To Use Medium Sized Bubble For?

Medium bubble wrap is ideal for protecting heavier, larger and less fragile items. This might include lamps, large fragile bowls, or larger art pieces. The most common uses are for lamps, framed art and televisions.

What Size of Medium 5/16 inch Bubble Wrap Should I Use?

The 100' x 48 wide bubble:
This size is ideal for wrapping large pictures and televisions.

-Measure the width of your picture or television and if it is larger than 24 inches, you will want to go with the 48 inch wide rolls.

-If the picture is 48 x 48 for example, or a television is 27 32 or 40 inches you will need double the amount to wrap both sides.

-Please note that bubble can be used up quickly when using it for large items.

The 100' x 24" wide bubble:
This bubble is ideal for common picture sizes that are 30x 24 inches or 22-inch televisions. You can cover both the front and the back of the picture or television without wasting bubble.

The 100" x 12" wide medium bubble:
This size is ideal if you have a heavy item that needs more protection around it. For example, a glass picture frame that is 12x12, or sculptures that are fragile and heavy.

The 25' x 12" medium wrap:
This size is ideal to pack lamp bases with. It provides excellent protection, yet doesn't waste bubble since it is only 12 inches wide.The most common size of bubble rolls is small bubble wrap, ideal for smaller, delicate items. Medium size is ideal for larger items.

Tape the Outside of the Bubble Wrap:

Be sure to put the bubble side on the item when packing it. Typically tape is needed for this size to secure, though not a lot.

It is easy to forget what you pack inside of a bundle that has bubble wrap around it. With any size of bubble wrap, you can put masking tape on the outside with a label of what the item is.