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Order Washington DC Moving Supplies Service | Free Shipping!

If you are moving to the area, you will be delighted to know that you can easily have your Washington DC moving boxes and moving supplies shipped right to your doorstep with same day shipping if the order is received before 3 PM EST. 

Wishing you a wonderful move, and we hope that ordering Washington DC moving boxes makes your move fabulous! 

Order Washington DC moving boxes and supplies the easy way

Who Said That Getting Washington DC Moving Boxes Had To Be Difficult? 

Buy strong Washington DC Moving Boxes and supplies

Save Money and Use Washington DC Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies That Will Get Your Special Items From Point A To Point B with No Damages 

With all of the money you save from buying Washington DC moving boxes online, you can go enjoy a quick trip to the beach, a day trip Baltimore, a hike in the mountains, and/or drive to Philly to have some fun. Our prices are 30-45% less than what you would spend at the box stores for the same high-quality product. 

You will also save money by not having to buy replacement items that broke during your DC move. Many people spend so much money on moving insurance, yet they do no preventative maintenance to make sure that things don't break in the first place. Just think how much it would cost to buy a new tv, versus if you spent a little bit of money to buy television moving boxes and a large bubble to support it in. 

Using strong Washington DC moving boxes meant for relocating is the best way to help prevent issues. Also. it is recommended to use high quality moving blankets to wrap your furniture with to prevent scratching. 

Save Time and Order Washington DC Moving Boxes Online

Regardless if you work for the Federal government, in politics, for the military, for a tourism company and/or if you work for one of the biggest employers such as Lockheed Martin, or Northup Grumman, we all work hard for our money and time is short. 

Why waste time getting something as boring as "boxes," when you can enjoy all of the wonderful things to do in the city such as attending the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History, going to a Redskins game, seeing an opera and/or attending one a play instead. 

Help Prevent Any Nicks or Scraps of Your Belongings 

Be sure to wrap fragile items with bubble wrap and use packing paper. This will help prevent little nicks and cuts in your belongings. 

.Buy Washington DC moving boxes and supplies at great prices

Next Day FREE Shipment of Washington DC Moving Boxes and Supplies

If you are just moving to the area, you will find that traffic is bad and parking is expensive which makes it difficult to go buy moving boxes in Washington DC. 

Although public transportation is wonderful in the area, it is difficult to transport 50-100 boxes and supplies on the DC Circulator, and/or on the Metrobus. 

Therefore, you can avoid all of this headache, save money and time and just order your Washington DC moving boxes and supplies online with FREE shipping. Orders placed before 3 pm EST, are shipped out the same day with 1 -3 days FREE delivery right to your door. 

Interesting Information in You Are Moving To The Area: 

-Washington DC was named as being “one of the most exciting restaurant cities on the East Coast” by Travel + Leisure.

-70 percent of the land in the city is managed directly by the National Park Service; thereby making it a very green city. 

-The area actually has more rainfall than Seattle does, an average of 39 inches a year. 

-There is not even one building in Washington DC that is above 10 stories. 

Helpful Moving Resources:

Hotels in Washington DC Near U.S. Bases 

If you are moving to any of the military bases such as the Bolling Air Force Base, Fort McNair, Walter Reed Medical Center, The Marine Barracks, the Washington Navy Yard, or the United States Naval Observatory, you can easily find a hotel nearby until you are settled with your permanent housing by clicking on this link. 

Metrorail Transportation 

There are wonderful public transportation options including the Metrorail.

TIP: In the top left corner of their web site, they have a "trip planner." All you have to do is enter in where you want to go TO and FROM and the system will automatically you exactly how to use public transportation to get there. 

Neighborhood Information

This city is the 9th largest metropolitan city in the U.S. and has more diverse options of where to live than you can imagine. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is a neighborhood suited for everyone. 

How To Recycle Moving Boxes in Washington DC 

It is amazing that Washington DC does not have a formal box recycling program after you move. Residents in homes are just instructed to place their cardboard in the blue recycling containers and do this every week until all their boxes are gone. 

For more information call: 202-645-8245

Order Moving Supplies in Washington DC the EASY Way! 

MBD Inc sells sturdy, high quality Washington DC moving boxes, and supplies with free 1 day delivery to areas such as:  Adams Morgan, Anacostia, Bethesda, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Dupont Circle/Embassy Row, Gaithersburg, Kensington, National Harbor,  Penn Quarter/Chinatown, Rockville, Silver Spring and Takoma Park.