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Changing Paradigm in How People Purchase Moving Boxes

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Moving Box Delivery Inc. (, a new innovative leader in the moving industry, is changing the way a person prepares for their moving day. Instead of driving to a store to purchase moving boxes and moving supplies, Moving Box Delivery Inc. now enables a person to save time and save money by ordering all of their moving boxes and moving supplies online, and have them delivered to their doorstep in a preassembled "box kit." With a click of a mouse, what used to take hours of preparation to locate, purchase and drive moving boxes home, a person can do in two minutes using the "moving box calculator."

One of the reasons people traditionally drove to the store to purchase moving boxes is they didn't know how many boxes they would need. As a result, people often made multiple trips to the store, filling up their car with as many boxes that would fit inside, hoping they had enough. This dated approach to moving preparation was time-consuming and added to the hectic chaos that traditionally accompanied the pressures of moving.

Now with Moving Box Delivery Inc., a person only has to answer three questions on the online site (do you have an apartment, condo or house, how many bedrooms do you have, and how much "stuff" do you have) and they will instantly receive an immediate recommendation of a box kit size that will provide them with the right amount of moving boxes and moving supplies to pack their home. No guesswork and no driving.

Moving box kit prices start as low as $49.00 for a studio apartment moving kit and as high as $258 for a five-bedroom home moving box kit. All box kits include three sizes of professional quality certified moving boxes, packing tape, padded packing foam, kitchen packing paper, and free shipping, with delivery times of 1 to 5 days depending on the location. For more information on certified boxes for moving.

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