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College Moving Boxes | Buy a Moving Kit for Dorms, Sororities or Apartments

Order a College Moving Boxes and Supplies in a Kit!

College moving is now easier quicker and easier than ever before. When moving to college, order your moving boxes and moving supplies in a college moving kit online with free shipping. All of our moving kits have been designed to provide you with the right number of moving boxes and moving supplies for college students. Make moving to college a snap! 

College Moving Kit
What is included in your college moving kit?

 Moving Box Delivery created the college moving kit specifically for the needs of college students. Each moving kit includes a wardrobe moving box and bar to hang your clothes directly from your closet into the box. It also includes all-purpose moving boxes, boxes for packing dishes and a large box to pack your comforter and pillows.

Your college moving kit also includes moving supplies like packing foam, packing paper, and packing tape.

College Kits Made Great Gift Ideas

If your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or friend is off to college, give them a special gift of a moving kit. What could be better than helping them have a smooth and successful move to and from college.

Shipping Information for Your Next College Move
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with Fed Ex Ground for any apartment moving kits.
-Please note, you don't have to be there when your package arrives.

*Important Note:
All college boxes for moving are certified for use with moving and storing. They are the SAME high-quality boxes that professional apartment moving companies use! That means that your belongings will be protected when moving to college.  You enjoy buying cheap moving boxes that are of excellent quality.

buy college moving boxes

 Moving Box Delivery ships moving boxes to colleges all over the US. We ship to sororities, fraternities, dorms, houses or apartments.