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How To Pack Living Rooms The Easy Way!

Once you receive your moving boxes and moving supplies, you will be able to pack your belongings. However, before you start the biggest challenge of how to pack bedrooms is deciding which bedroom items you are going to give away or throw-out and which items you are going to pack. The more items you can discard before you start packing your living room the less expensive your move will be and the more organized you will be when unpacking.

When packing and moving your family room or living room, the first thing you will find is the vast variety of the types of items that you have to pack. Many of the items require special attention and care.

When packing your belongings in the family room or living room, you can often use regular newspaper to wrap items versus the packing paper. However, this depends on the item. If you are concerned about newspaper print rubbing off on your item, you should still use packing paper as you do in the kitchen. For fragile items like a vase or a figurine, you should wrap with packing foam.

To learn how to pack a specific item in your family room, click one of the links below.

Wardrobe Boxes can transport sculptures in your living room  

Many people think of using wardrobe boxes only for transporting clothes. However, these moving boxes can be very helpful in moving things in your living room like small sculptures, fake plants that you want the movers to carry, and sofa pillows.