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Learn All About The Military Personal Procurement Move Program

Low Priced Military Moving Boxes for DITY Moves  

As a result of the military moving program called the "Personally Procured Move" which used to be called Do-It-Yourself (DITY) Moves, military families have the option to move themselves using any method that they would like. This includes purchasing their military moving boxes on their own, using their own car, renting a truck and/or hiring movers of their choice. 

What is The Benefit Of Moving Yourself With The Personal Procured Moves Program? 

The benefit of this government-sponsored program is that military families can actually make money if they are effective in the way they move. The benefit of the Personal Procured Moving program is that it helps everyone save money; both the military families and the government. 

People who are moving in the Navy, Marines, Army, Coast guard or Air Force are eligible to receive up to 100% reimbursement of the GCC, (Government Constructive Cost) if they hire their own mover, OR receive a 95% of the GCC if they move 100% themselves. Partial payment is given in advance to pay for things like military moving supplies, boxes and/or other charges related in the transition. 

What is The Benefit Of Buying MBD Boxes and Supplies With the DITY Program?

The benefit of buying your military moving boxes and supplies from MBD, is our boxes and supplies cost less than the boxes that movers would sell the government and/or boxes you would purchase from a store.  This saves you money and it saves our country money.

With MBD, you can buy all your military packing supplies for a lot less than the financial compensation you will receive to buy them. This is money in your pocket! Most importantly, our military moving supplies are of high quality and will protect your valuables from damages. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Military Moving and Storing: 

Question: What is the GCC? 

Answer: The GCC is the dollar cost that would be incurred if the government were to move or store a military move, up to but not any more than exceeding the authorized weight that is allowed. (The Personal Property Office provides the estimate of what the weight should be) 

Question: If I Hire a Mover Using The Personal Procured Moving Program and there are damages, what happens then? 

Answer: It is important to hire a quality mover because the government is not responsible for any damages that may incur if you chose to use the Personal Procured moving program.

However, if you use high-quality military boxes and supplies and pack them properly, your chances of damages decrease drastically. 

Question: When doing a military self moves, can I protect myself from damages in any other way but to buy high-quality boxes for military moving? 

Answer: Yes. You can purchase military moving insurance. Although this will add to your costs, if there are damages you will be covered. 


If your are moving from one state to another during your military move, this company is a good option to get a moving insurance quote from. for Local Military Moving.

If you have a military move that is local,  perhaps you are moving from base housing to a home, apartment or condo, it is well worth your time to get a quote from this insurance company. They have lower costs that are designed for local moving and also enable you to cover just a part of your home and/or big-ticket items like your favorite flat screen TV or artwork.

With the Personal Procured Moving Program and, you can save money by reducing your costs of insurance, yet still, protect the items that mean the most to you.

Question: Are military storage costs eligible for the Personal Procured moving program? 

AnswerYes! If you are moving with the military and would like to place your items in storage, you can do so up to 90 days and the costs will be paid for by the program. 

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If you are wondering where is the cheapest place to buy military moving boxes and supplies with the Personal Procurement moving program, look no further. We are here to help you! 

We Wish You a SUCCESSFUL Military Move!