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Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are MovingBoxDelivery boxes and how are they formatted?

In accordance with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper we use the process known as Edge Crush Test (ECT) to test the strength of our boxes. Another name for this known as 200lb test. This test meets all acceptable industry standards. Our boxes our formatted Length x Width x Height.

How can MovingBoxDelivery sell products so low with free shipping?

We are the manufacturer. No middleman. No expensive warehousing facilities or marketing programs. We pass the savings to you. We started selling direct to consumers and that's the reason we can offer you quality boxes at very low prices. With over 100,000 boxes delivered every day to our loyal business customers, we truly understand your need for timely delivery and quality product. Order from us and see the difference. We charge a non-refundable $2.95 handling fee per order to cover our fulfillment costs.

Are MovingBoxDelivery Boxes brand new?

Absolutely! All of our boxes are brand new and of the best quality. We do make our moving boxes smaller than other boxes sold by large moving and storage companies because our customers are self-movers and they tend to focus on manageability.

  Does MovingBoxDelivery sell custom sizes?

Yes. For special orders, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call Customer Service, toll free 800-603-6670, Mon. - Fri., 9am - 5pm EST. Minimum quantity required, based on square footage of box. Free shipping does not apply to custom orders.

Are MovingBoxDelivery boxes shipped flat or folded?

Our XLarge, Mirror, Kitchen, Wardrobe and Lamp boxes are folded given the larger size. This makes it easier for our customers and our shipping partners to lift and carry compact packages.

Does MovingBoxDelivery have a privacy Policy?

Yes. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products and services. We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. We don’t sell or rent your personal information to third party companies.

We use the information we collect for various purposes, including: • to complete your purchase transactions • to send value-added offerings by mail or e-mail • to keep you informed about the status of your order • to improve our customer service, and overall shopping experience

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us

Q-What is the Quality of Your Moving Boxes? 

All of the moving boxes that Moving Box Delivery sells are designed for moving and storing. These strong and sturdy moving boxes  are certified with a  32 ECT (or 200 lb test) in strength, and some of the larger boxes like the wardrobe and kitchen boxes are even higher. 

32 ECT is what is recommended by the professional moving industry to help provide your valuables with the highest level of protection against moving damages. 

Q-Why Is Box Strength So Important? 

The reason why box strength is so important is weaker boxes are much more like to compress when they are stacked; thereby creating damage to your property.

You will find many retail stores and online stores sell boxes that are NOT designed or good to use while moving or storing. BE VERY careful when looking at different boxes for moving and make sure they meet the 200lb moving standards. 

Buying quality moving boxes designed for moving is the best least expensive form of moving insurance there is.  

Q-How Are You Able To Sell Quality Moving Boxes and Supplies At Such Low Rates?

Due to the large volume of business that we do, Moving Box Delivery is  able to buy in "bulk" and pass on the savings to you. With warehouses around the nation, we are able to decrease shipping costs and provide fast delivery. 

Lastly, retail stores have a much higher overhead, do not specialize in moving boxes, and thus are often more expensive. 


Q-How do your prices compare to buying boxes in a store?

A:Moving Box Delivery prices are less expensive then almost all retail stores and moving companies, PLUS we include shipping free of charge. The quality of the box is higher then that you would find in most retail stores, as all moving boxes are certified for use with moving and storing.

Q-Why not use grocery store boxes versus buying boxes?

A: Grocery store boxes are not certified or designed to be used for moving and storing. Typically used grocery store boxes  are a moving companies worst nightmare.

Grocery store boxes do not stack well on a truck, many of them don't have tops, and they have a much higher chance of compressing when boxes are stacked on top. This provides a much higher likelihood that your belongings will be damaged.

Lastly, most grocery store boxes or liquor boxes have been wet at one time, which degrades an already weak box for the use of moving. More information quality boxes for moving.

Q-Why Do Moving Companies Cost Such Much For Boxes?

Moving companies are in the moving business. Most moving companies have small offices and large lots for their trucks. They are not designed to inventory thousands of boxes that they sell in bulk. As a result, the customer pays more. 

Q-How can quality moving boxes make my movers faster and save me money?

A:Yes they can

Quality moving boxes can be stacked on top of each other in the most efficient fashion in order to maximize the space on the truck and lessen the number of trips your movers will need to make with their dollies from your house to the truck.

Faster movers, means that you will save money on the cost of your move, particularly if you are paying by the hour.


Q-How long does the shipping take?

Moving Box Delivery ships your moving boxes and moving supplies in your moving kit to most areas in 1-2 business days if the order is placed before 4pm EST.  However, depending on where you live, there are some areas that are a few unique areas that require extra times.

Go to Shipping times to calculate exactly when you will receive your moving supplies. 

Q-What is your return policy for same day placement of the order?

If you placed an order and want to cancel the same day, please call our customer service department ASAP AND e-mail us that you wish to cancel.

Our warehouse will receive your e-mail and if your order has not been sent out, we will cancel your order and provide a full credit back to your account within 48 hours.

However, if your order has already been shipped, you will be charged a $25 per shipping box fee for restocking, shipping and processing. Most kits are shipped in multiple boxes.

For multiple box shipments, this restocking fee applies to each shipping box. (The box kits are very heavy and shipping costs more then our restocking fee.) A credit will be issued to your account once we receive the boxes back in inventory, minus the restocking fee.

Q-Do I need to be home when the boxes are delivered?

No you do not need to be home when your box kit arrives. Most of our customers have enjoy UPS just leaving the box on their doorstep. However, if you do not feel this is secure in the area you live in, you can have the option when you order to sign for your package.

Q-What will my boxes be shipped in and how will they arrive?

Your moving box kit will arrive in 1-4 larger boxes, depending on the size of your box kit. Your moving supplies will also be inside. The great news is, free of charge you can use the boxes that your kit came in to move pictures, paintings or mirrors FREE of charge.

It seems like there are a lot of boxes in each kit. Why so many boxes?

A: Most people grossly underestimate how many boxes they will need. The fact is, when you move it requires a lot of moving boxes to pack a home.

Also, many people use the wrong sizes of corrugated boxes, boxes. It is better to use more small and medium sized boxes with moving (that is the standard of professional moving companies) so your items don’t rub together inside of the cardboard boxes and break, then fewer boxes that are huge.

Q-How do you know how many boxes each size house needs?

The Moving Box Delivery configurator was based on 14 years in owning a moving company. With analysis and research, we found a common “average” of boxes used by consumers when moving that was surprisingly consistent.

The one thing that was different is how many belongings people had. So our calculator takes all of that into account to provide you with a good starting point as to how many boxes you need with a range of options. It isn’t a perfect science, but gives you a wonderful starting point.

Q-Why are the wardrobe boxes not included in the moving box delivery kits?

Moving Box Delivery provides optional wardrobe clothes boxes, which are large boxes that have a bar inside to hang your clothes inside of when you move. The reason that we sell these as “optional items,” is that most LOCAL moving companies provide wardrobe boxes FREE of charge to use the day of your move. Typically this is not true with long distance companies. So if you can use them for free, there is no need to purchase them.

Therefore, Moving Box Delivery wanted to provide our customers the option of getting wardrobe boxes, only if they needed them such as they were moving themselves in a U-Haul, or hiring a long distance company that didn't’t provide this an option.

Q-Are your boxes made from recycled materials?


Moving Box Delivery provides NEW boxes that are made from 100% recycled materials AND can be recycled again after you use them.

Even the kitchen packing paper and packing foam can be recycled after you use them.

Q-Why is packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape included with every kit?

Once you pack your kitchen with packing paper, you will never want to pack any other way. It protects your dishes and is fast and easy to do.

Bubble wrap is ideal for small fragile items, and typically all households have some items like this that need special care.

Lastly, we include tape, because high quality tape is important to help make sure that your boxes are securely shut. Everything you need in a box!

Q-What is the benefit of using packing paper for the kitchen, versus newspaper.

Kitchen packing paper is inkless and will not rub off on your dishes, pots or pans. It is much more sanitary and it is thicker, providing more protection for your valuable kitchen items.