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Tips to make your office move easier

Give Each Employee 2 Office Moving Boxes To Pack All Their Personal Items In.

Professional movers are not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged during a move. 


Therefore, it is recommended to have your employees pack and transport any personal items that they have in their offices in advance of your move. They can transport these items in their own car and take them home until everything is completed. 


-It is recommended to give them 1 small moving box  and 1 medium moving box. This should provide them with enough storage to clear out their personal items. 


Some companies like their employees to pack their own files in file boxes. Ask your mover what is recommended for files. 


An office move doesn't have to be overwhelming

Make Your Office Move As Stress-Free As Possible With Effective Employee Communication

The single best way to relieve stress from an office move is to have excellent communication with all the employees. Often companies make it much more difficult than it needs to be. 


Do not send out a big office moving booklet, as it is difficult for people to read. Instead, the shorter the better. All information should be on one piece of paper to ensure that it is read. Bullets and numbers are great to use.


Steps To Create an Office Moving 1 Page Guide: 

1. Put a brightly colored piece of paper on each person's day 1 month before the move letting them know the 10 things they will need to finish by a certain date. (A bright piece of paper will stand out over all of the white pieces of paper) 

2. Put a second brightly colored piece of paper on each person's desk 1 week before the office move with any tasks that are yet to be completed. 

-Make the tasks simple and clear so there is no room for misunderstanding. 

An office move doesn't have to be overwhelming 

Questions To Ask Your Office Mover in Advance:

Not all office moving companies work the same way. It is best to understand how your office moving provider prefers to operate and then organize the move accordingly. 

Questions To Ask Your Office Mover: 

1. If you are packing yourself, what is the best way that boxes should be labeled? With stickers or just a black pen. Should the label be on one side and/or top of each box? 

(Many businesses prefer that the mover do all of the packing for their office move) 

2. How do they prefer to label the boxes so they know where to place them in your new office? 

-Use employee names, cubicle numbers etc. 

Even if your mover is packing, this is helpful to know so you can be organized to give them the information they need. 

3. Find out how your office mover would like you to be prepared to move the following items: 

-Copy machines





4. Ask them if there are any items that can not move. 

-Personal items


-Cleaning supplies

-Industry-specific items you may have. 

Make arrangements to move these yourself. 

5. Make sure that you ask about insurance options and have purchased it well in advance.

Please note: Not all companies specialize in doing office moves. It is best to hire a company that only does office moving. Their equipment, trucks, and movers are specialized for this activity. 


Have a great office move! 

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