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Recycled Moving Boxes | Moving Kits Recycled But New

Order Recycled Moving Boxes Then Recycle, or Re-use Them AGAIN!

All of the recycled moving boxes that Moving Box Delivery sells are made from corrugated recycled materials and can be recycled, or re-used again. Our recycled moving boxes and moving supplies are new, strong and sturdy, yet are good for the environment when they are properly recycled or reused after a person moves. After you buy recycled moving boxes, recycle or re-use them again.

Recycling or Re-using Moving Boxes 

All Moving Box Delivery's boxes for moving are made from 100% recycled material. This is important to know when buying recycled moving boxes because it is important to help our environment while you are moving.

However, many people do a good thing and buy moving boxes, and then they just throw them in the trash when they are finished. This does not help our planet.

The great news is after you move into your new home, you can recycle your recycled moving boxes again by either by reusing them or recycling them. You can also recycle your kitchen packing paper and your padded packing wrap. This beautiful planet is the only one we have, so while we are moving let's help the planet.  

Why Use Recycled Moving Boxes & Why Recycle Them After You Move?

View our blog for great ideas to re-use moving boxes!

Every city in the United States provides EASY and cost-effective ways to recycle moving boxes. If each person took 5 minutes to figure out where they could drop off corrugated boxes in their local city, and/or have them picked up from the recycling company, this would help eliminate boxes from being deposited in the trash and our landfills. If we all did this every time we moved, it would drastically help improve our environment and help stop global warming.