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Information On How the Moving Box Delivery's Moving Kits Were Developed and Sized


Moving Box Delivery's moving kits were created and developed based on using actual statistics from professional moving companies on what the "average person" uses for various sizes of homes. Please realize that needs can vary slightly, but we receive feedback every month about how accurate the sizing is for most people's "average needs."


As a general rule of thumb, people always need more moving boxes than they "guess" they will need at the store.


How Many Wardrobe Boxes Do You Need?

Wardrobe boxes can vary the mostOne of the biggest differences in the needs of families who are moving, are how many wardrobe boxes
they need. This is one of the reasons why we sell these boxes separately from our main kits. The quantity of hanging clothes that a family has can will drastically affect how many wardrobe boxes you need.

-As a general rule of thumb, buy 1-2 wardrobe boxes per 6-foot closet and 2-3 per walk-in closet.

-Don't forget your coat closets and clothes stored in the garage too!