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Our storage supplies are intended to be used for moving and storing where they will be placed on dollies,  trucks and rental containers. This means that when you have the items that mean the most to you while sitting in storage,  you can be confident that no harm will come. Your storage boxes will remain properly stacked on top of each other without any distortion of the cartons.

What Size Storage Container Do You Need? 

When researching storage supplies the most important thing to know is what size unit you are moving into. This will help you identify how many storage moving boxes and supplies you need. 

5 x 10 unit:
 This size container is similar to a very small room. If you had a studio apartment with minimal furniture and minimal boxes, a 5 x10 unit would fit your belongings. 

10x15 unit: On average, you would need boxes and supplies that would support a 1-2 bedroom apartment with no garage and an average amount of belongings. 

10x 20 unit: If you have a 2 bedroom townhouse, this size of container would be ideal. 

10x30 unit: If you have a 3-4 bedroom, this is typically the size that you will choose. 

Will My Belongings Be Protected in Storage Boxes? 
 will my valuables be protected by using storage supplies from moving box delivery

No one can guarantee that your property will be invulnerable. However, all you can do is use the highest quality boxes and supplies.

All of the packing supplies included in your kit are unprinted, new and ready to pack. 

Movers are very happy when they show up to a home that has packed their items in solid cartons that will hold up well.