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Happy Customers!

Our Customers Who We Helped Make Moving EASIER and LESS STRESSFUL!
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"Moving Box Delivery is the best service that is out there for moving. I was able to get all of the moving boxes and supplies that I needed without ANY of the hassle of going to the store. I saved money on boxes and the quality of the moving boxes were great. I would highly recommend Moving Box Delivery to anyone who is moving.”

- Julie Bongard, Flight Attendant, Los Angeles


"With two little girls, moving is a challenge for us. Anything that can help make moving easier is something that we are interested in. I never thought of buying moving boxes on-line before, but it does make moving so much easier! "

- Ryan & Jennifer Tso, Scottsdale, Arizona-Stockbroker


It's Quick. It's easy! I loved it!

-Karen Browegrin, San Diego, California


"I give Moving Box Delivery top grades on all levels. They really have come up with a great product that helps people a lot on their moving day.

I usually hate having to find moving boxes, which I admit I often I did with free boxes I would rummage through and find at multiple grocery stores. Other then the fact that these boxes were often wet, I really didn't know the difference until I tried real moving boxes. I will never go back again.

Real moving boxes hold so much more and really protecting my things. You could really see the difference when they were stacked, just like I saw in the pictures."

Ron Cabers, Dallas Texas


"Living in Los Angeles, I try and buy everything I can online, but I never thought of ordering moving boxes. It was easy. It was quick. I would recommend Moving Box Delivery to anyone in a hurry that needs boxes."

Rita Moore -  Entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California

"I ordered a 5 Bedroom Moving kit with a lot of stuff kit when we moved to our home in Littleton. I also ordered two of the wardrobe box kits.. It worked out really well. The boxes were really sturdy and I couldn't believe how accurate that calculator was. I would use this moving service any time I move and have recommended it to several of my friends."

Mallory Beling, Littleton, Colorado


"I wish I knew about this moving box service before I moved to Miami. I have moved 6 times in the past 8 years and this by far was the best move I have ever had. I think a lot of what made it better is I didn't have to go haul boxes back in my car. I hate that part of moving! It was so easy having them shipped to me instead!"

Betty Miller, Miami, Florida


'I can't say enough good things about the benefit of buying moving boxes with a kit from Moving Box Delivery. It was so helpful to use the calculator to find out how many boxes I needed, as I had no idea! They were right-on too. This is a great service in Portland for buying moving boxes. "

Jane Michaels, Portland, Oregon


"This box service is FANTASTIC! I really can't say it better then that. I ordered my boxes when I was moving to the upper east side and would use this service again and again!"

Mark Debolt, New York Resident


"This is a COOL service. A bit funny to order moving boxes on-line, but I did when I moved to Phoenix. It was great!"

Matt Harning, Phoenix, Arizona


"This moving box service is a lifesaver. I ordered all of my moving boxes and supplies from Moving Box Delivery when I moved from San Diego to San Francisco. Everything I needed was there and it just saved me a lot of time. If you are looking to buy moving boxes in San Francisco, I would recommend! "

Pete Moss, San Francisco, California


"I love this service. Buying moving boxes in Seattle has always been such a pain.  Moving Box Delivery made everything so easy! "

Myra Hopkins

Seattle, Washington