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Moving Kits Make Wonderful Unusual Gifts- 1 to 5 Days Delivery

Moving Kits are very unusual gifts and quite appreciated for anyone who is moving. Moving kits include all of the moving boxes and moving supplies a person needs to pack their home; all assembled in a pre-made kit.  By knowing the size of the home your friend has, you can easily send them unusual gifts by ordering a gift certificate for a moving kit. Free shipping for all moving kits is included. Moving kits are great, unusual gifts.


Looking for Unusual Gifts?

Moving Box Delivery moving kits are unusual gifts that are ideal for many occasions including: moving gifts,  thank you gifts, corporate gifts, wedding gifts, apartment gifts, college gifts, military gifts, welcome home gifts and many more.

Top Unusual Gifts that Moving Kits Can Be Used For

Unusual Moving Gifts: Do you know someone who is moving? Give them a moving gift that is practical and needed. A moving kit will supply them with all of them moving boxes and packing supplies that they need to move into their new home.

1. Realtors Unusual Gifts: Realtors love to buy moving boxes for a family whom they just sold a home as unusual gifts. What a practical and appreciated moving gift to give who just bought a new house.

2. Unusual Wedding Gifts: Many couples move shortly after they get married and need moving boxes. A wedding gift of a moving kit is practical and is an unusual gift idea that will be different to stand out from others.

3. Unusual Gifts Mortgage Brokers: Give a moving kit to a client as a “Welcome to Your New Home gift!” Unusual gifts are appreciated by your customers.

4. Unusual Apartment Gifts: As an incentive to increase occupancy, apartment complexes can provide a FREE moving kit for every tenant that moves in by a certain date. This apartment gift will not only help your tenants, but it will help increase sales. This gift makes great unusual gifts and helps increase sales.

5. Unusual College Gifts: Parents can send moving kits to their kids as a college gift when they are coming back home for the summer. They can also send a college gift when they are moving to their dorm, apartment, fraternity or sorority. It is funny how much cardboard boxes can mean to a college student who needs them!

6. Unusual Military Gifts:: Provide a moving kit to a wife who is home with the kids and needs to move. Often it is difficult for them to transport boxes on their own, with smaller cars or children to take care of. A moving Kit makes for a special and unusual gift idea.

7. Unusual Roommate Moving Out gifts: When your favorite roommate moves out, help them by providing a moving kit.

8. Unusual Parents Downsizing gifts: When your parents move to a smaller home, you can help them with a moving box kit to put in storage or to move with as a moving gift.

9. Unusual Grandparents Gifts: Help your grandparents when they move by providing a moving kit. For the Grandparents who have everything, a box kit is a perfect choice as an unusual gift that they would enjoy.